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committees are held regularly. Serving on these committees,
which guide the actual program of the Council, are outstanding
literary personalities, librarians and other individuals who have
a contribution to make to our work.
The annual meeting of the Council was held on May 9th, 1956,
in the Kaufmann Auditorium of the 92nd Street YM-YWHA,
with Rabbi Ely E. Pilchik, president, presiding. The meeting
was opened with greetings extended by Solomon Kerstein, chair-
man of the program committee.
The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Eisig Silberschlag,
dean of the Hebrew Teachers College, Boston. Distinguished
educator, communal leader and noted poet, Dr. Silberschlag spoke
on “Hebrew Literature at Midcentury.” A certificate of honor
was presented by Harry Starr on behalf of the Council to Louis
M. Rabinowitz. The annual literary awards were made by Joseph
Daroff, Bernard Kovner, Milton Kovner and Mrs. Max R. Mayer.
Rabbi I. Edward Kiev presented the library citations.
In a memorial resolution, read by Dr. Joshua Bloch, tribute
was paid to the following Council members who had passed away
during the past year: Samuel Charny (Shmuel Niger), “master of
Yiddish literary criticism;” Ludwig Lewisohn, “novelist, literary
critic and literary historian;” and L. M. Stein of Chicago, “ noted
patron of Jewish literature.”
Presentation for the first time of one act of “Holiday,” a new
play centering around the Jewish festivals and based on Sholom
Aleichem stories, was a highlight of the meeting.
The report of the nominations committee was presented by
Dr. Sol Liptzin. The following officers were elected for a two-year
— Rabbi Ely E. Pilchik
Hon. Presidents
— Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen
Irving Edison
Fanny Goldstein
Dr. Solomon Grayzel
Dr. Sol Liptzin
Dr. Mordecai Soltes
— Dr. Bernard J. Bamberger
Dr. Joshua Bloch
Harry Schneiderman
— Harry Starr
— Rabbi I. Edward Kiev