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and prose writer,” died. Auerbach had written copiously on Jewish
literature, and he also authored biographies and novels of Jewish
In the field of Hebrew letters, we celebrate the one hundredth
anniversary of the birth of Naphtali Herz Imber, who is best
known for his
Joseph Hayyim Brenner was born seventy-
five years ago, and Rachel Bluvstein, famed for her poems of
love and death, died twenty-five years ago. A number of important
living authors are celebrating their seventieth birthdays: Yehuda
Burla, Avigdor Hameiri, Aharon Reuveni and Zalman Shneur.
The late Zevi Hirsch Masliansky, outstanding Yiddish orator and
editor, was born a hundred years ago.
Jewish scholarship is especially well represented in our anniver-
saries. Among the more illustrious are Wolf Heidenheim, who
edited many texts and is famous for his
Isaac ben Samuel
Lampronti, author of the monumental encyclopedia to the Talmud,
Pahad Yitzhak;
Hayyim Joseph David Azulai, who worked up the
bibliographic work
Shem ha-Gedolim;
Baron David Gunzberg;
Abraham Moses Luncz, editor of the annual
thirteen volumes; Moritz Steinschneider, master bibliographer;
and Lucien Wolf, historian and journalist. Living scholars who
will be seventy are Abraham Cohen of England and Harry A.
Wolfson of Harvard. Julian Morgenstern has celebrated his
seventy-fifth birthday.
History has called forth its champions of Jewish emancipation
and other rights. Primary among those who worked and wrote
in behalf of the readmittance of Jews into England was Manasseh
ben Israel who died three hundred years ago. Gabriel Riesser
and Wilhelm Freund, both born one hundred and fifty years ago,
engaged actively in furthering Jewish emancipation.
Rabbis are numerous among the literary figures and are notable
for their rabbinic works and for their essays and editorial activity
in many fields. Four who might be singled out for mention are
Abraham de Sola and Max Lilienthal who died in 1882, Samuel
Holdheim who was born in 1806, and Leo Merzbacher who died
in 1856.
Finally there is a group of people whose main activity is some-
what remote from Jewish literature. Either directly or indirectly
(and correctly or incorrectly) they may be considered close to the
literary world. Among them are: Louis D. Brandeis, Hyman
Gratz, Louis Lipsky, Ben Selling, Solomon Solis-Cohen, and David
Following we list in alphabetical order, and with some pertinent
information about each, all who have been named above, as well as
a number of others not yet mentioned.