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American Jewish Committee. 50th anniversary of founding.
Organized in 1906 to safeguard the rights of Jews at home and
abroad. In order to keep the public informed it has published
many pamphlets and some larger works, the
Contemporary Jewish
and its successor
, and the
American Jewish
(in collaboration with the Jewish Publication Society
of America).
B e r t h o l d A u e r b a c h .
75th anniversary of death. Born in
Nordstetten, February 28, 1812; died at Cannes, France, Feb-
ruary 8, 1882. He was a poet and writer of prose that included
a biography and a novel on Spinoza.
H a y y im J o s e p h D a v i d A z u l a i .
150th anniversary of death.
Born in Jerusalem about 1724; died in Leghorn, March 21, 1807.
He was a prolific writer in the field of rabbinics and rabbinic
literature. He wrote the loosely organized but very valuable
Shem ha-Gedolim
Vaad la-Hakhamim
, works on authors and
titles, respectively, in Jewish literary history. See article on
Azulai in this volume.
Bezalel School. 50th anniversary of founding. School of indus-
trial art instituted by Boris Schatz in Jerusalem in 1906.
E p h r a im I s r a e l B l u c h e r .
75th anniversary of death. Born in
Glocksdorf, October 2, 1813; died in Budapest, April 6, 1882. He
was the author of an Aramaic grammar and edited several short-
lived peridoicals.
R a c h e l B lu v s te in . 25th anniversary of death. Born in
Poltawa, Russia, September 20, 1890; died near Tel Aviv, April
16, 1931. She is best known for the poems she published late in
life in the literary supplement of
D e m b i t z B r a n d e i s .
100th anniversary of birth. Born
in Louisville, November 13, 1856; died in Washington,
D .
October 5, 1941. The first Jew to sit in the United States Supreme
Court, he wrote
The Jewish Problem
How to Solve I t
and other
J o s e p h H a y y im B r e n n e r .
75th anniversary of birth. Born in
the Ukraine in 1881; died in Jaffa, May 1, 1921. He was a writer,
critic, journalist and editor. He also translated into Hebrew some
of Shalom Aleichem and a story of Tolstoi.
Y e h u d a B u r l a .
70th anniversary of birth. Born in Jerusalem,
September 18, 1886; now residing in Israel. He has written a
number of books and short stories in which he frequently deals