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with oriental Jews. Outstanding in Hebrew literature, Burla
received the Bialik prize in 1942 and the Ussishkin prize in 1949.
A b r a h a m C o h e n .
70th anniversary of birth. Born in Reading,
England, March 22, 1887; now living in England. Rabbi and
author, he has edited the Soncino Books of the Bible and has
written widely on the Talmud, on Jewish philosophy, and in other
areas of Jewish scholarship.
A b r a h a m D a n o n .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in
Adrianople in 1857; died in Paris in 1925. Besides presiding over
a seminary in Constantinople, he translated Theodore Reinach’s
Histoire des Juifs
and the poetry of others into Hebrew.
B e n j a m i n D i s r a e l i ,
Earl of Beaconsfield. 75th anniversary
of death. Born in London, December 21, 1804; died there, April
19, 1881. He wrote many novels that touch on Jewish themes
or characters.
Dropsie College. 50th anniversary of founding. Chartered in
Philadelphia, June 6, 1907. Non-denominational graduate school
of Jewish and related studies, it has supplied teachers and scholars
who have published in all areas of Jewish scholarship. See article
Jewish Book Annual
, Volume 13.
D a n i e l E h r m a n n .
25th anniversary of death. Born in Mutters-
dorf, Bohemia, in 1816; died in Briinn, November 15, 1882.
Ehrmann was a rabbi, editor of
Das Abendland
, and an author.
He was also in the book business in Prague in 1860.
I s a a c A b r a h a m E u c h e l .
200th anniversary of birth. Born in
Copenhagen in 1756; died in Berlin, June 14 (?), 1804. Hebraist
and stylist of note, he wrote a biography of Moses Mendelssohn
and was co-founder in 1783 of
S a m u e l b e n I s s a c h a r B a r F r e u n d .
75th anniversary of
death. Born in Tuschkau, December, 1794; died at Prague, June
18, 1881. He wrote commentaries on Talmudic treatises and on
the Book of Proverbs. Among his rabbinical works was a com-
pendium of the
Sefer Mitzwot Ha-Gadol
I r Ha-Tsedek.
W i l h e l m F r e u n d .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in
Kempen, January 27, 1806; died in Breslau, June 4, 1894. Philol-
ogist and champion of Jewish emancipation, he was instrumental
in bringing Geiger to Breslau. He edited
Zur Judenfrage in
(1843-44), and taught in Jewish schools.
H y m a n G r a t z .
100th anniversary of death. Born in Phil-
adelphia, September 23, 1776; died there, January 27, 1856. He