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was one of the managers of the first Jewish Publication Society
when it was projected in 1845, and his will provided for the estab-
lishment of a college for the education of Jews in the Philadelphia
area. This became Gratz College, the oldest training school for
teachers in the United States.
B a r o n D a v i d G u n z b e r g .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in
Kamenets-Podolski, July 5, 1857; died, December 22, 1910. In
addition to contributing articles on Jewish and oriental subjects
Revue des Etudes Juives
, and other period-
icals, he collected a notable library in his fields of interest, including
many rarities.
A v i g d o r H a m e i r i .
70th anniversary of birth. Born in Bereg,
Ruthenia, September 5, 1886; now living in Israel. Translator,
editor, poet, journalist, author, he covers the fields of Hebrew
literature with many publications. He received the Bialik Prize
in 1936 and the Nordau Prize in 1944.
W o l f ( B e n j a m i n ) H e i d e n h e im .
200th anniversary of birth.
Born in Heidenheim in 1757; died in Roedelheim, February 23,
1832. Famous for the
which he translated and commented
upon, he also made contributions in Hebrew grammar, edited
the Haggadah and
Pirke Abot
, and did a supercommentary on
Rashi’s commentary on the Pentateuch. See article on Heiden-
heim in this volume.
M e n d e l H e s s .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Lengsfeld,
March 17, 1807; died in Eisenach, September 21, 1871.
H e
was a
rabbi and editor of
Der Israelit des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts
S a m u e l H o l d h e im .
150th anniversary
o f
birth. Born in
Kempen, Posen, in 1806; died in Berlin, August 22, 1860. Radical
Reform rabbi, he wrote many essays in the controversies over
Reform positions and pioneered in modern Jewish homiletics.
H e n r y H u r w i t z .
70th anniversary of birth. Born in Butri-
monis, Lithuania, July 14, 1886, now living in the United States
where he founded and still edits the
Menorah Journal.
N a p h t a l i H e r z Im b e r .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in
Zloczow, Galicia, December 27, 1856; died in New York, October
8, 1909. Contributor to Hebrew periodicals and editor of the
, he published one volume of poetry in Jeru-
salem in 1886, which includes
J a c o b J o s h u a b e n Z e v i H i r s c h .
200th anniversary of death.
Born in Cracow in 1680; died in Offenbach, January 16, 1756.