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He was one of the great Talmudists of his time and author of
Pene Yehoshua
, novellae on the Talmud.
Jewish Messenger.
100th anniversary of beginning. Started in
New York in January, 1857, by Samuel M. Isaacs. A conservative
weekly, it was sold to the owner of the
Jewish Gazette
on December
19, 1902, and by him to the owners of the
American Hebrew
which it was merged on January 1, 1903.
D a v i d J o e l .
75th anniversary of death. Born in Inowrazlaw,
Posen, January 12, 1815; died in Breslau, September 7, 1882. A
rabbi, he wrote several very important books on the
K a m e n e t s - P o d o l s k i .
200th anniversary of burning of the
Talmud by order of Bishop Dembowski who favored the Frankists
after their disputation with Talmudists.
I s a a c b e n S a m u e l L a m p r o n t i .
200th anniversary of death.
Born in Ferrara, February 3, 1679; died, November 16, 1756.
Physician and Talmudist, he was the author of the monumental
Pahad Yitzhak
, an alphabetically arranged encyclopedia to the
Talmud and Talmudic literature down to his time.
M a x L i l i e n t h a l .
75th anniversary of death. Born in Munich,
November 6, 1815; died in Cincinnati, April 5, 1882. After failing
in his attempt to help establish government schools for Jews in
Russia, he entered the active rabbinate in the United States. In
addition to contributing to many periodicals, he founded and
edited the quarterly
Hebrew Review
and the weekly
School Visitor
, and was associate editor of the
American Israelite
for some years.
L ip s k y .
80th anniversary of birth. Born in Rochester,
New York, November 30, 1876; now living in New York City.
Communal leader and journalist, he has been editorially connected
with the
American Hebrew
Jewish Daily Herald
, and
other Jewish literary organs.
S a m u e l L o w .
150th anniversary of death. Born in Kolin,
Bohemia in 1720; died in Boskowitz, Moravia, May 20, 1806. He
wrote a commentary on the
Shulhan Arukh
and on other Talmudic
M a n a s s e h b e n I s r a e l .
300th anniversary of death. Born in
La Rochelle, France (?), about 1604; died, November 26, 1657.
A great preacher in Amsterdam, he started the first Hebrew press
in Holland. Among his many works on theological matters was
Esperanga de Israel
, which he wrote in connection with his efforts
to have Jews readmitted into England.