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Zevi H ir sch M a s l ian sk y . 100th anniversary o f birth. Born
in Slutsk, Russia, May
16, 1856;
died, January
11, 1943.
as a Yiddish orator, he founded the
Yiddishe Welt
in New York
and edited it from
He also contributed
to Hebrew periodicals.
L e o M e r z b a c h e r .
100th anniversary of death. Born in Furth
in 1810; died in New York in 1856. Rabbi of Temple Emanu-El,
he edited a prayer book for Reform Jews.
R a c h e l M e y e r .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Danzig,
March 10, 1807 (or March 11, 1806); died in Berlin, February 8,
novelist among whose works is
, a life of the actress,
S a m u e l M e y e r .
75th anniversary of death. Born in Hanover,
February 26, 1819; died there July 5, 1882. Besides writing
sermons, he edited some of the poems of Abraham ibn Ezra.
J u l i a n M o r g e n s t e r n .
75th anniversary of birth. Born in
St. Francisville, Illinois, March 18, 1881; now living in Cincinnati.
Bible scholar and president of the Hebrew Union College from
1921 through 1947, his publications are widely circulated in
scholarly journals and in several volumes. Under his administra-
tion, the important
Hebrew Union College Annual
was inaugurated.
M o s e s P o l o c k .
100th anniversary of significant publication by
a Jewish publisher. In 1857, Polock published the first collected
edition of Charles Brockden Brown, the first professional American
A h a r o n R e u v e n i .
70th anniversary of birth. Born in Poltawa,
Russia, August, 1887; now living in Tel Aviv. Contributor of
poems, essays, and short stories to many periodicals, he has also
published nearly a dozen novels. He has been among the editors
, and other periodicals.
G a b r i e l R i e s s e r .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Ham-
burg, April 2, 1806; died there, April 22, 1863. He was a prolific
writer of essays on Jewish emancipation and edited
Der Jude
which aimed at emancipation.
A s h e r S a m m t e r .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Deren-
burg, January 1, 1807; died in Berlin, February 5, 1887. Besides
several works on Liegnitz where he was rabbi for some years, he
Baba Metzia
into German and began to issue the
Mishnah with German translation and annotations.