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B e n j a m i n S e l l i n g .
25th anniversary of death. Born in San
Francisco, April 29, 1852; died in Portland Oregon, January 15,
1931. Philanthropist with wide interests, he was instrumental
in providing for the growth of the Hebrew Union College Library
in rare books and manuscripts. The Rare Book and Manuscripts
Room bears his name.
Z a lm a n S h n e u r .
70th anniversary of birth. Born in Shklov,
Russia, February 11, 1887. Hebrew and Yiddish poet and novelist,
he has issued many books since 1906. He won the Louis LaMed
Prize in New York in 1951 and the Bialik Prize in Tel Aviv the
same year.
. 75th anniversary of death. Born in Venice,
March 28, 1820; died there, November 27 (29?), 1882. He wrote
a number of biographies of important people including Sara Copia
Sullam, Amatus Lusitanus, Leon da Modena, and members of
the Soncino family.
A b r a h a m d e S o l a .
25th anniversary of death. Born in London,
England, September 18, 1825; died in New Jersey, June 5, 1882.
A n
Orthodox rabbi in Montreal, he was professor of Hebrew and
Oriental Literature at McGill University. Very influential in
Orthodox circles in the United States, he was a frequent contrib-
utor to the
Voice of Jacob, Asmonean
, and other periodicals.
S o l o m o n d a S i l v a S o l i s - C o h e n .
100th anniversary of birth.
Born in Philadelphia in 1857; died there, July 12, 1948. A physi-
cian, he was a founder and editor of the
American Hebrew
, a
founder of the Jewish Publication Society, and a founder and
trustee of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. In addition
to medical publications and some poetry, he did some translations
from the Hebrew poets of the Middle Ages.
L e o p o l d S t e i n .
75th anniversary of death. Born in Burg-
preppach, November 3, 1810; died in Frankfurt am Main, Decem-
ber 2, 1882. A rabbi who wrote many poems and essays, he edited
Der Israelitische Volkslehrer
and the year book
M o r i t z S t e i n s c h n e i d e r .
50th anniversary of death. Born in
Prossnitz, Moravia, March 30, 1816; died, January 24, 1907.
Most illustrious of all Jewish bibliographers, he spent much of his
time preparing and publishing catalogs of the Hebrew books in
some of the great libraries of Europe: Leyden, Munich, Hamburg,
Berlin, the Bodleian. He edited
Hebraische Bibliographie
1882) and wrote a whole list of books (see
Jewish Encyclopedia
vol. 11, cols. 546-7) on Jewish literature and oriental subjects.