Page 94 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 14

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L u c i e n W o l f .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in London,
January 20, 1857; died there August 23, 1930. Journalist, histo-
rian, fighter for Jewish rights, he was a founder and first president
of the Jewish Historical Society of England. He contributed many
studies in Anglo-Jewish history and was editor for some years of
Jewish World.
D a v i d W o l f f s o h n .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in
Dorbiany, Russia, October 9, 1857; died in Hamburg, September
15, 1914. He succeeded Herzl as president of the Zionist Organiza-
tion in 1904 and bequeathed his estate to the Zionist Organization
which used it later to erect the Hebrew University Library building.
W o l f s o n .
70th anniversary o f birth. Born in
Austryn, Lithuania, on November 2, 1887. Since 1925, as the
Professor of Jewish Literature and Philosophy at Harvard, he
has helped considerably in building Harvard’s Jewish collection
o f books. Among his books are works on Crescas, Spinoza,
and Philo.
H i r s c h Z am o z y .
150th anniversary of death. Born in 1740;
died in Altona, September, 1807. Talmudic authority, he authored
responsa and notes on the Bible and Talmud. Only one of his
books, however, a collection of responsa on two parts of the
Shulhan Arukh
, has been published.