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By I.
E d w a r d K i e v
HE creditable achievement, to which the sum of Jewish books
in this list points, is evidence of the increasing productivity
of scholarly endeavor in every branch of Jewish learning.
The noticeable interest among Americans in the discovery of the
Dead Sea Scrolls manifested itself also in books about the Bible
in general, as well as in books describing the Qumran Cave dis-
coveries and in the subsequent discussions about their antiquity
and value.
A number of local and congregational histories, compiled by
competent hands, have been followed by the publication of other
notable volumes in American Jewish historical studies. Among
these may be included three finely illustrated volumes about the
American synagogue which, in addition to the light they shed on
the religious worship among Jews, have also presented a record
of the architectural and artistic expressions of Jews in the United
States. New biographical volumes by and about American Jews;
the volume of Stephen Wise’s personal letters, the final volume of
Jacob R. Marcus’
Memoirs of American Jews
, and Philip Good-
American Jewish Bookplates
, all have contributed fresh
insights into the religious and cultural development of the Jewish
people on this continent.
The useful anthologies and reference works and the translations
into English of parts of Maimonides’ Code and the Shulhan Aruk,
are important additions to the expanding collection of authentic
compilations of Jewish literary treasures in handy reference
The material to be found in the annual scholarly output of
YIVO, the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion,
and the American Academy for Jewish Research, as well as in the
volumes of the proceedings of the rabbinical bodies, is evidence of
the creative study and discussion among Jewish learned bodies.
, W
F. Recent discoveries in bible lands. Pittsburgh, Biblical
Colloquium, 1956. 136 p.
An up-to-date account of Palestinian archaeology giving the latest informa-
tion on recent excavations including an account of the progress in the study
of the Dead Sea scrolls.