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Solomon ben
u d a h
Ibn G ab iro l . 900th anniversary o f
death. Born in Malaga about 1021; died in Valencia about 1058.
Called by Steinschneider “ the most original philosophic writer
among Jews and Arabs,” Gabirol was a neo-Platonist whose
had great influence on Christian Europe. Some o f his other
philosophical and ethical works, like the
Choice of Pearls
, are also
famous. In addition to philosophy, he wrote a verse grammar and
is properly remembered for his important poetic contributions.
Scores of poems, mainly liturgical and religious in spirit, came
from his pen.
s r a e l
e ir
a g a n
(Hafetz Hayyim). 25th anniversary of
death. Born in Zhetel, Poland, February 6, 1838; died in Radin,
Poland, September 15, 1933. Author of works on ethical and
halachic subjects, including the
Hafetz Hayyim
, by which name he
was most frequently called. He was also an active protagonist of
Jewish rights in Poland, one of the most prominent rabbis of his
day, and founder and director of the Yeshiva in Radin.
s r a e l
i p k in
(Salanter). 75th anniversary of death. Born in
Zhagory, November 3,1810; died in Konigsberg, February 2, 1883.
One of the most influential Orthodox rabbis of the nineteenth
century and a noted Talmudist, he established several yeshivot,
societies to study religious ethics, and a monthly Hebrew period­
ical of rabbinic law and ethics,
l iez er
Low. 200th anniversary of birth. Born in Wodzislav,
March 13, 1758; died in Aboujszanto, February 2, 1837. Author
of halachic works, he is known for his systematic methodology.
He wrote the
Shemen Rokeah
, by which name he is best known.
o se s
a yy im
u zzat to
250th anniversary of birth. Born
in Padua in 1707; died in Acre, May 16, 1746. Cabbalist and poet,
he wrote many books on Talmud, ethics, and cabbala; also elegies,
hymns, epithalamia, and dramatic poetry. His popularity over
the years can perhaps be indicated by the existence of 105 editions
of his
Mesilat Yesharim.
o b e r t
y o n
100th anniversary of death. Born in London,
January 15, 1810; died in New York, March 10, 1858. He was the
founder in 1849, and publisher until his death of the important
American Jewish paper, the
br ah am
a p u
150th year of birth. Born in Kovno, Janu­
ary 11, 1808; died in Konigsberg, October 9, 1867. With his
Ahabat Tziyyon
, he introduced the novel into Hebrew literature.