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Great Ages and Ideas of the Jewish People
, edited by Leo W.
Schwarz, has made available a concise treatment by eminent
scholars and historians of the mainstream of Jewish cultural
The regular annual publications of the Hebrew Union College -
Jewish Institute of Religion, Yivo, the American Academy for
Jewish Research, and the
American Jewish Year Book
, contain a
wide variety of significant studies in every field of Jewish learning.
These testify to the fruitful labors of the community of Jewish
scholars who are enhancing our knowledge of Judaism and of
the Jewish people.
A a r o n s o n , S amm y
H i r s h b e r g , A l .
As high as my heart: the Sammy Aaronson
story. New York, Coward-McCann, 1957. 188 p.
The biography of a pugilist who devoted himself to improving opportunities
for youth in the crowded areas of Brooklyn.
A l b r i g h t , W i l l i a m
F. Archaeology and the religion of Israel. Baltimore, Johns
Hopkins, 1956. 280 p.
The Canaanite background and archaeological evidence related to the rise
of Israelite religious traditions.
A l l e g r o , J o h n
M. The Dead Sea scrolls and the origins of Christianity. New
York, Criterion, 1957. 250 p.
An account of the discovery and decipherment of the scrolls and an inter­
pretation of their value for the history of Christian origins.
A l p e r , M i c h a e l .
Reconstructing Jewish education. New York, Reconstructionist
Foundation, 1957. 156 p.
A philosophy of Jewish education in America based on the views advanced
by followers of the Reconstructionist movement.
American Jewish Year Book. v. 58, 1957. Morris Fine, editor; Jacob Sloan, as­
sociate editor. New York, American Jewish Committee; Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society, 1957. 559 p.
A survey of Jewish life and thought in the United States and communities
all over the world, plus directories and bibliography and a special article on
three centuries of Jewish life in England.
B a l y , D e n i s .
The geography of the Bible. New York, Harper,
19 5 7 . 3 0 3
A historical geography of Palestine popularly presented.
B a m b e r g e r , B e r n a r d
J. The story of Judaism. New York, Union of American
Hebrew Congregations, 1957. 482 p.
A history of Judaism giving a modern analysis of the theology and ethics and
ideals from early times to the modern period in America and Israel.
B e l k i n , S a m u e l .
Essays in traditional Jewish thought. New York, Philosophical
Library, 1957. 191 p.
Essays and addresses on higher education, on the role of the rabbi and Amer­
ican Jewish problems by the president of Yeshiva University.
B e n j a m i n , I s r a e l J o s e p h .
Three years in America. Philadelphia, Jewish Publica­
tion Society, 1956. 2 vols.
An account of travels a century ago on the American continent by a world
traveller, translated by Charles Reznikoff.
B e w e r , J u l i u s
A. The prophets. New York, Harper,
1 9 5 7 . 6 6 3
A popular commentary on the prophetic books of the Bible by the late
Christian Bible scholar.
B i e b e r , H u g o .
Heine: a biographical anthology. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1956. 445 p.
An English translation by Moses Hadas of excerpts from Heinrich Heine’s
writings, letters and recorded conversations, linked with biographical and
critical comments.