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B i l d e r s e e , A d e l e .
The hidden books. New York, Abelard-Schuman, 1956. 183 p.
Stories from the Apocrypha retold for popular reading.
B i r n b a u m , P h i l i p . A
treasury of Judaism. New York, Hebrew Publishing Co.,
1957. 431 p.
An anthology of the most significant thought and ethical teachings o f
Judaism from biblical to modern times.
B r e u e r , J o s e p h .
The Jewish marriage: source of sanctity. New York, Feldheim,
1956. 67 p.
Jewish family life according to the orthodox tradition.
B r i g h t , J o h n .
Early Israel in recent history writing. Naperville, 111., Allenson,
1956. 128 p.
A survey o f modern biblical historical scholarship.
B r i o n , M a r c e l a n d H e im a n n , H . T h e B ib l e in
N e w Y o r k , P h a i d o n ,
239 p.
Miniatures, paintings, drawings and sculptures inspired by the Old Tes­
B r o w n e , L e w i s .
The wisdom of Israel. New York, Modern Library, 1956. 748
p .
A popular edition of this anthology of Jewish wisdom literature translated
into English.
B r u c e ,
F. F. Second thoughts on the Dead Sea scrolls. Grand Rapids, Eerdmans,
1956. 144
p .
B u b e r , M a r t i n .
The tales of Rabbi Nachman. New York, Horizon, 1956. 214
p .
The Hasidic stories of Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlaw, translated into English
by Maurice S. Friedman.
B u r r o w s , M i l l a r .
What mean these stones? New York, Meridian, 1957. 306
p .
A popular edition of this introduction to the archaeological discoveries in
C a n t o r , E d d i e .
Take my life. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1957. 288
p .
An anecdotal biography.
C h a g a l l , M a r c .
Illustrations for the Bible. New York, Harcourt, 1956. 105 p.
Colorful illustrations to the biblical text with a critical essay and texts by
Jean Wahl.
C h o m s k y , W i l l i a m .
Hebrew: the eternal language. Philadelphia, Jewish Publica­
tion Society, 1957. 321 p.
The story of the development of the Hebrew language from earliest times
to modern Israel.
C i t r o n , S a m u e l
J. Dramatics the year round. New York, Jewish Education
Committee, 1956. 654 p.
Plays for use in Jewish religious school assemblies.
C o h e n , H a r r y ,
C a r m in , I t z h a k
J. Jews in the world of science. New York,
Monde, 1956. 288 p.
A biographical dictionary of Jewish scientists with short essays by J. Robert
Oppenheimer, Meyer W. Weisgal and Louis Gershenfeld.
D a v i e s ,
P o w e l l .
The ten commandments. New York, New American Library,
1956. 143 p.
A presentation of the Ten Commandments as viewed by modern biblical
D a v i s , M a c .
Jews at a glance. New York, Hebrew Publishing Co., 1956. 127
p .
Brief biographies of 114 famous Jewish men and women.
D im o n s t e i n , B o r i s .
Sonnets and sculptures. Tujunga, Calif., Literarishe Heften,
1956. 80 p.
D o p p e l t , F r e d e r i c
A., and
P o l i s h , D a v i d .
A guide for Reform Jews. New York,
Bloch, 1957. 118 p.
Proposed practices for Reform Judaism in the United States presented in
concise terms.
D r i v e r , S a m u e l
R. An introduction to the literature of the Old Testament. New
York, Meridian, 1956. 577 p.
A reprint of the standard work by the outstanding Christian Hebraist and
Bible scholar, which was first published in 1893.