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G o l l a n c z , V i c t o r .
From darkness to light. New York, Harper, 1956. 683 p.
A confession of faith in the form of an anthology of the author’s favorite
selections from literature.
G o m p e r s , S a m u e l .
Seventy years of life and labor. New York, Dutton, 1956.
320 p.
Material from the autobiography of the first president of the A. F. o f L.
G o o d e n o u g h , E r w i n .
Jewish symbols of the Greco-Roman period: vols. 5-6.
New Haven, Yale University Press, 1957.
A detailed and profusely illustrated study of the use of fish, bread and wine
in Jewish religious observance, and their symbolic significance in ritual.
G o o d r i c h , F r a n c e s ,
H a c k e t t , A l b e r t .
The diary o f Ann Frank. New
York, Random, 1956. 174 p.
The full text of the dramatic play based on the famous diary.
G o o d s p e e d , E d g a r
J. Modern apocrypha: famous Biblical hoaxes. Boston,
Beacon, 1956. 250 p.
G r a u m a n , H e l e n
G. Music in
m y
Bible. Mountain View, Calif., Pacific Press,
1956. 182 p.
G r e e n b e r g , M r s . D a v i d
J. Through the years: a study of the Richmond Jewish
community. Richmond, Va., Jewish Community Council, 1956. 59 p.
G r o l l e n b e r g ,
L. H. Nelson’s Atlas of the Bible. New York, Nelson, 1956.
166 p.
An illustrated historical atlas of the Bible, translated by H. H. Rowley and
Joyce M. H. Reid.
H a r a s z t i , Z o l t a n ,
ed. The Bay Psalm book. Chicago, University of Chicago
Press, 1956. 2 vols. 350 p.
A facsimile edition of the first book printed in English North America in
1640, with an introduction showing its cultural and religious importance
among the Puritans.
H e i n i s c h , P a u l .
History of the Old Testament. Collegeville, Minn., Liturgical
Press, 1956. 455 p.
-------------. Theology of the Old Testament. Collegeville, Minn., Liturgical Press,
1956. 476 p.
H o w l e t t , D u n c a n .
The Essenes and Christianity. New York, Harper, 1957.
192 p.
An effort to relate the Dead Sea Scrolls to the ancient Essenes and the
origins of Christianity.
H o b b s , E d w a r d
C. A stubborn faith: a collection of studies in Old Testament
literature in honor of William A. Irwin. Dallas, Texas, Southern Methodist
University Press, 1956. 170 p.
I d e l s o h n , A b r a h a m Z e v i .
Jewish liturgy and its development. New York,
Sacred Music Press, 1957. 404 p.
An introduction to the Jewish prayer book and synagogue worship.
Interpreter’s Bible, vol. 6. Nashville, Tenn., Abingdon, 1956. 1160 p.
The complete English texts in the King James and Revised Standard version
with commentaries on Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos,
Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah
and Malachi.
Jewish book annual, v. 14, 5717 (1956-1957). Edited by A. Alan Steinbach. New
York, Jewish Book Council of America, 1956. 170 p.
Included in the volume are articles on “Great Jewish Books” by Leon
Roth; “Impressions of Contemporary American Jewish Fiction” by Charles
Angoff; “Shakespeare in Hebrew Garb” by Joshua Bloch, and “Shakespeare
Translations in Yiddish” by Adah Boraisha-Fogel. Also studies on Rashi by
Samuel M. Blumenfield, Hayyim Joseph David Azulai by Theodore Friedman
and Wolf Heidenheim by Solomon Feffer, together with bibliographies of
Jewish books.
Jewish Life Anthology. New York, Morning Freiheit, 1956. 224 p.
Articles which originally appeared in the monthly magazine
Jewish Life,
published by the Morning Freiheit association.
J o n e s , J a r a m i t e
N. and
M c K e n d r y , J a m e s
B. Deborah: the woman who saved
Israel. New York, Association Press, 1956. 127 p.
A biography based on the narrative in the biblical book of Judges.