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J u n g , L e o .
Harvest: sermons, addresses and studies. New York, Feldheim, 1956'
p .
Holiday and Sabbath sermons and addresses delivered on special occasions
by the rabbi of the Jewish Center of New York.
K a p l a n , B e n j a m i n .
The eternal stranger: a study o f Jewish life in the small
community. New York, Bookman, 1957. 198 p.
A sociological study of Jewish group activity in American towns.
K a p l a n , M o r d e c a i M .
Judaism as a civilization; toward a reconstruction o f
American-Jewish life. New York, Thomas Yoseloff, 1957. 601 p.
A new edition of the basic volume behind the Reconstructionist movement
in American Judaism.
K e l l e r , W e r n e r .
The Bible in history. New York, Morrow, 1956. 452
p .
A detailed survey of the modern discoveries in the field of archaeology and
their effect on our knowledge of Biblical history.
K o h l e r , L u d w i g .
Hebrew man. New York, Abingdon, 1957. 150
p .
Biblical thought about man and his place in the universe.
K o h n , J a c o b .
The moral life of man. New York, Philosophical, 1956. 252 p.
A conservative rabbi’s interpretation of ethics and the moral outlook of
K o n e f s k y , S a m u e l
J. The legacy o f Holmes and Brandeis. New York, Macmillan,
1956. 352
p .
A comparative study of the constitutional interpretations by the two fore­
most liberals who served together on the U. S. Supreme Court.
K r a e l i n g , C a r l
H. Excavations at Dura-Europos: final reports: vol. 8: the
synagogue. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1956. 408 p.
The official and full report of the discoveries made in the synagogue of
Dura-Europos in Asia Minor, with beautiful illustrations in color.
K r a e l i n g , E m i l
G. The Rand McNally Bible atlas. New York, Rand McNally,
1956. 400 p.
A historical geography of Palestine with a full account of the archaeological
discoveries related to Biblical history.
L a e t s c h , T h e o d o r .
The minor prophets. St. Louis, Concordia, 1956. 566 p.
A commentary by Lutheran scholars.
L e v i t i n , M i r i a m .
Pathways through the Bible by Mortimer J. Cohen: Workbook.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1956. 3 parts.
L i tm a n , S im o n .
Ray Frank Litman: a memoir. New York, American Jewish
Historical Society, 1957. 202 p.
M a c h t e i , M a x .
This is my God. New York, Pageant, 1956. 94 p.
A series of Bible lessons for the laity.
M a im o n i d e s , M o s e s .
A guide for the perplexed. New York, Dover, 1957. 414 p.
A popular edition of the English translation by Michael Friedlander.
M a i s e l , A l b e r t
Q. They all chose America. New York, Nelson, 1957. 280 p.
The story o f immigrant groups and their contribution to American welfare.
M e r r i a m , E v e .
Emma Lazarus: woman with a torch. New York, Citadel, 1956.
p .
An appraisal of the life and work of the well known American Jewish poetess.
M e s c h , A b r a h a m
J. The bar mitzvah platform. Chicago, Shoshen, 1955. 249 p.
M i n k i n , J a c o b
S. Herod: king of the Jews. New York, Thomas Yoseloff, 1956.
227 p.
A popular biography o f Herod the great.
M o l o d , H y m a n
L. The book of life. New York, 1956. 144 p.
A description of the regulations about Shehitah and the dietary laws, with
excerpts from Kosher food laws enacted by a number of the states in the U. S.
M o w i n c k e l , S ig m u n d .
He that cometh. New York, Abingdon, 1956. 516 p.
The theology o f the Messiah concept in the Old Testament and post-biblical
M u r p h y , R o l a n d
E. The Dead Sea scrolls and the Bible. Westminster, Md.,
Newman, 1956. 119 p.
Nelson’s complete concordance of the Revised Standard Version Bible. New
York, Nelson, 1957. 2,157 p.
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