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N e w m a n , L o u i s I .
Pangs of the Messiah and other plays, pageants and cantatas.
New York, Bloch, 1957. 432 p.
Plays based on Biblical themes, some o f which were given under the author’s
direction at Congregation Rodeph Sholom in New York.
N o e r d l i n g e r , H e n r y
S. Moses and Egypt. Los Angeles, University o f Southern
California, 1957. 202 p.
An account of the research done in the production o f the motion picture
“The Ten Commandments.”
N o v e c k , S im o n ,
ed. Judaism and psychiatry. New York, Basic, 1956. 197 p.
A reprint o f a collection of essays.
N u l m a n , L o u i s .
The parent and the Jewish day school. Scranton, Pa., Parent
Study Press, 1956. 135 p.
A study of parents’ attitudes to the accomplishments o f children attending
the Jewish all-day school.
O e s t e r r e i c h e r , J o h n
M., ed. The bridge: a yearbook o f Judaeo-Christian studies:
vol. 2. New York, Pantheon, 1956. 357 p.
Studies by Catholics on the relationship between Judaism and Christianity.
P a l e o l o g u e , M a u r i c e .
An intimate journal of the Dreyfus case. New York,
Criterion, 1957. 319 p.
P a r r o t , A n d r e .
The temple of Jerusalem. New York, Philosophical, 1956. 88 p.
A description of the Temple in its several stages based on the latest archae­
ological discoveries.
P f e i f f e r , R o b e r t
H. The books of the Old Testament. New York, Harper, 1957.
335 p.
A popular abridgment of the author’s scholarly introduction.
P i e r i k , M a r i e .
The Psalter in the temple and the church. Washington, Catholic
University of America, 1957. 101 p.
The musical values employed in worship, especially in the Psalms.
P i l c h i k , E l y E .
From the beginning: a new look at the Bible. New York, Bloch,
1956. 320 p.
A popular study of the Bible by the President of the Jewish Book Council
and the spiritual head of Temple B’nai Jeshurun of Newark, N. J.
-------------. Jeshurun sermons. New York, Bloch, 1957. 261 p.
Sermons and lectures given at Temple B’nai Jeshurun in the course o f a
P l a u t ,
G u n t h e r .
Mount Zion 1856-1956: the first hundred years. St. Paul,
Minn., 1956. 152 p.
A history of the reform congregation in the capital city of Minnesota.
P o l l a c k , E r v i n .
Brandeis reader. New York, Oceana, 1956. 256
p .
Writings by and about Justice Louis D. Brandeis, collected on the occasion
of the centennial celebration.
Rabbinical Council manual of sermons: 5717. 1956-1957. Edited by Solomon
Freilich. New York, Rabbinical Council Press, 1956. 331 p.
Sermons for Sabbaths and holidays by American English-speaking orthodox
R a b i n , A l .
Peddler in paradise. New York, Dutton, 1956. 265 p.
Personal and business experiences in 137 countries and every big city in
R a n k i n , O .
S. Jewish religious polemic. New York, Nelson, 1956. 264 p.
Translations of Jewish polemical writings up to the 17th century.
R e d l i c h , H a n d F e r d i n a n d .
Alban Berg: the man and his music. New York,
Criterion, 1957. 316 p.
R e y n o l d s , Q u e n t i n .
Courtroom: the story of Judge Samuel S. Leibowitz. New
York, Popular Library, 1957. 400 p.
A biography of the well known criminal lawyer who has been a justice of
the Brooklyn County Court for many years.
R e z n i k o f f , C h a r l e s .
Louis Marshall: champion of liberty. Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society, 1957. 2 vols.
The letters and addresses of the great American Jewish leader who was a
famous constitutional lawyer.
R i n g g r e n , H e lm e r .
The Messiah in the Old Testament. Naperville,
1956. 71 p.