Page 118 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 15

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T u c h o l s k y , K u r t .
The world is a comedy. Edited by Harry Zohn. Cambridge,
Mass., Sci-Art, 1957. 236 p.
V a w t e r , B r u c e .
A path through Genesis. New York, Sheed & Ward, 1956. 356 p.
A Catholic commentary on the book o f Genesis.
V e n t u r i , L i o n e l l o .
Chagall. New York, Skira, 1956. 124
p .
60 reproductions of Chagall’s paintings with an accompanying text.
V o e g e l i n , E r i c .
Order and history: vol. 1: Israel and revelation. Baton Rouge,
Louisiana State University Press, 1956. 533 p.
The relation of ancient Hebrew culture to the institutions of Mesopotamia
and Egypt.
W h i t e , L ym a n
C. 300,000 new Americans: the epic o f a modern immigrant-aid
service. New York, Harper, 1957. 423 p.
The history of 300,000 refugees who came to America in the course o f the
last 20 years from the terrors of totalitarianism in Europe.
W h i t t i c k , A r n o l d .
Eric Mendelsohn. New York, Dodge, 1956. 219
p .
An illustrated biography of one of the great architects o f the century who
designed important structures in Europe and in the United States.
W i l s o n , E d m u n d .
A piece of my mind. New York, Farrar, Straus & Cudahy,
1956. 239
p .
Collected essays by the American literary critic which include articles about
W i n k l e r , M a x .
From A to X . New York, Crown, 1957. 178
p .
Reminiscences of an American Jewish economist.
W i s c h n i t z e r , M a r k .
Visa to freedom: the history of HIAS. Cleveland, World,
1956. 286
p .
The story of the famous American Jewish organization, Hebrew Sheltering
and Immigrant Aid Society.
W i s e , C a r r o l l
A. Psychiatry and the Bible. New York, Harper, 1956. 224
p .
The relation of religion to mental health based on biblical teaching.
W o l f , E d w i n
2nd, and
W h i t e m a n , M a x w e l l .
The history o f the Jews of Phila­
delphia from colonial times to the age of Jackson. Philadelphia, Jewish Pub­
lication Society, 1957. 534 p.
World’s great religions. By the editors of
New York, 1957. 310
p .
An expansion of the articles originally published in
magazine with an
illustrated chapter on Judaism.
W r i g h t ,
E r n e s t ,
F i l s o n , F l o y d
V. Westminster historical atlas to the
Bible. Philadelphia, Westminster, 1956. 130 p.
An illustrated geography of ancient Palestine with references to all the
modern archaeological discoveries.
W r i g h t ,
E r n e s t .
Biblical archaeology. Philadelphia, Westminster, 1957. 288 p.
A full survey of the archaeology of Bible lands, beautifully produced. 220
Y a t e s , K y l e
M. The essentials of Biblical Hebrew. New York, Harper, 1957.
227 p.
Revised edition of Hebrew grammar by John J. Owens.