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HIS year’s output (May 1956-May 1957) of books on Israel
and Zionism in America is about equal to that of the previous
year. From the viewpoint, however, of quality and timeliness,
the list of titles more surely reflects the positive aspects of present
day Israel, as well as those of the Zionist movement vis-^-vis the
Jewish State and its relationship to Jews and Judaism in the
As to the books on Israel proper, the subject matter mirrors the
growth, maturity and extraordinary development of Jewish state­
hood — politically and economically, culturally and socially. This
progress has been achieved despite the unrelenting Arab-Israel
conflict, the astute diplomatic maneuvering within the United
Nations and with the United States State Department, and, above
all, the brilliant military victories in the invasion of Egypt and
the Sinai-Suez operations.
As a result of these international diplomatic-military events
which involved the very structure and foundation of the United
Nations, a number of books have been published on the Middle
East conflagration. History has been recorded in the form of
graphic “current events,” notwithstanding the fact that the war
is not yet over.
Thus, we have timely publications by military experts, political
observers and journalists, bearing these titles:
100 Hours to Suez;
Violent Truce; The Suez War; The Kremlin
the Jews
and the
Middle East;
There Goes the Middle East
. With two exceptions,
these books are outspokenly pro-Israel. These dramatic events
gave rise also to an anti-Zionist book under the revealing title,
Judaism or Jewish Nationalism: the Alternative to Zionism.
Israel’s distinguished ambassadors to Britain and to the United
States disclose her historic role and diplomatic achievements in
their respective volumes:
Israel and Her Neighbors
, and
Voice of
I t is noteworthy that the titles of major works on Zionism
are devoted to biographies and profiles of men and women who
have left their impress on the Zionist movement and on world