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A s c h n e r , E r n e s t
S e r w e r , Z a c h a r y .
t o
Israel. New York, Monde,
1956. 128 p.
Illustrated with 200 photographs and documented with extensive com­
mentary, the book presents the past and present of Israel.
B a d t - S t r a u s s , B e r t h a .
White fire: the life and works of Jessie Sampter. New
York, Reconstructionist Press, 1956. 204 p.
A biography of the American poet who was also one o f the outstanding
Zionist educators of her generation.
B e i n , A l e x .
Theodor Herzl: a biography. Translated from the German by
Maurice Samuel. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1957. 561 p.
A revised edition of this authoritative biography of the founder o f political
Zionism and forerunner of a Jewish State. 64 pages of illustrations.
B e n - H o r i n , M e i e r . M a x
Nordau: philosopher of human solidarity. London,
Hillel Foundation; New York, Jewish Social Studies, 1957. 309 p.
Foreword by Salo W. Baron.
The author’s presentation offers fresh insights into the thought and charac­
ter o f Max Nordau against the background o f predominant social, philo­
sophical and political trends during the past century.
B e r g e r , E lm e r .
Judaism or Jewish nationalism: the alternative to Zionism.
New York, Bookman-Twayne, 1957. 207 p.
In this book, the author presents the case of the American Council for
E b a n , A b b a .
Voice o f Israel. New York, Horizon Press, 1957. 304 p.
The eloquent chronicle o f the State of Israel from birth — nine years ago —
to maturity as a nation, by her ambassador to the United States.
E i s e n s t a d t ,
S. N. From generation to generation: age groups and social structure.
Glencoe, Illinois, Free Press, 1956. 357 p.
Age groups and youth movements analyzed with regard to their roles in
maintaining or undermining the stability and continuity of social systems.
The book, written by the head of the Department o f Sociology o f the Hebrew
University, is replete with references to Israeli youth movements, both urban
and in the Kibbutz setting. The patterns of group life of Kibbutz children
are also discussed.
E l a t h , E l i a h u .
Israel and her neighbors. Cleveland and New York, World, 1957.
92 p.
Lectures delivered at Brandeis Univesity, Waltham, Massachusetts, in
April-May, 1956, by Israel’s ambassador to England.
F r a n k , W a l d o .
Bridge-Head: the drama of Israel. New York, George Braziller,
1957. 224 p.
The author presents Israel’s direct relation to world Jewry, to history and
to man. The book reveals the human motives that created Israel.
H a l e v y - L e v i n , I s a a c ,
ed. Israel argosy no.
4 .
New York, Thomas Yoseloff,
1956. 202 p.
A collection of contemporary Israeli literature.
H a l p e r n , B e n .
The American Jew: a Zionist analysis. New York, Theodor Herzl
Foundation, 1956. 174 p.
A thought-provoking study of American Jewry; its challenge and problems
relating to Zionism and Israel vis-a-vis Jewish life in America and the Diaspora.
H e n r i q u e s , R o b e r t .
100 hours to Suez: an account of Israel’s campaign in the
Sinai peninsula. New York, Viking, 1957. 218 p.
The first documentary report on the Israeli campaign against Egypt.
H o w e l l s , V i c t o r .
A naturalist in Palestine. New York, Philosophical Library,
1957. 180 p.
The author, a naturalist and traveller, presents his fascinating story more
for the layman than the technical expert. It is filled with tales and observa­
tions on Palestinian insects, animals, reptiles, flowers, fish and scenery.
Illustrated with photographs and line drawings.
H u e b e n e r , T h e o d o r e
and Voss,
C a r l H e r m a n n .
This is Israel: Palestine:
yesterday, today and tomorrow. New York, Philosophical Library, 1956.
176 p.
The emergence o f the State of Israel out of its Palestinian background, as
described by two eminent Christian scholars.