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W a t k i n s , S h i r l e y .
The prophet and the king. New York, Doubleday, 1956.
382 p.
An historical novel set in Biblical times when the Israelites were fighting
the Philistines which tells of the struggle between the prophet Samuel and
King Saul and of young David and his fight with Goliath.
W i s e m a n , A d e l e .
The sacrifice: a novel. New York, Viking, 1956. 346
p .
A powerful story of a family of East European Jews struggling to make a
new life in Canada. There is the conflict o f father and son, youth with tradition
and the individual tragedies resulting not so much from war and poverty as
from their own inner weaknesses.
Y a f f e , J a m e s .
Nothing but the night. Boston, Atlantic-Little Brown, 1957.
336 p.
A grim narrative restaging the Leopold-Loeb murder crime as a society
tragedy. Paul King, who puts to practice his father’s blustering credo of
having fun without getting caught, draws his friend, Barry Morris, from a
series of nocturnal exercises into a kidnap-murder extortion, ending in life