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J e n k i n s , S a r a .
Amos: prophet o f justice. New York, Association Press, 1956.
125 p.
The great prophet is portrayed convincingly with vitality and drama in the
Heroes of God series, (ages 12-14)
J o n e s , J u a n i t a
M c K e n d r y , J a m e s
B. Deborah. New York, Association
Press, 1956. 127 p.
The story of Deborah, the woman who saved Israel, is set forth in dramatic
style in another book in the Heroes o f God series, (ages 12-14)
K l a p e r m a n , L i b b y
M. Jeremy and Judy say the Sh’ma. New York, Behrman,
“Play and Learn Library.” (ages 2-5)
--------- . Jeremy and the Torah. New York, Behrman, 1956.
“Play and Learn Library.” (ages 2-5)
K l a p e r m a n , G i l b e r t
K l a p e r m a n , L i b b y .
The story of the Jewish people:
vol. 1: Creation to the rebuilding of the Second Temple. New York, Behrman,
1956. 189 p.
Written in the spirit of traditional Judaism, it combines deep religious
reverence with a vivid retelling of the important events and personalities of
early Jewish history, (ages 9-13)
K o l a t c h , M o l l i e .
Sabbath is special. New York, Behrman, 1956.
“Play and Learn Library.” (ages 2-5)
K u b i e , N o r a B e n j a m i n . K i n g
Solomon’s horses.
N e w
York, Harpers, 1956.
211 P*
A fine adventure tale of ancient Israel, in which a boy’s love for a horse is
set against the background of the splendor of Solomon’s reign, (ages 12-14)
L e v i n g e r , E lm a E h r l i c h .
Elijah: prophet of the one God. New York, Associa­
tion Press, 1956. 122 p.
An accurate and sympathetic study of the militant prophet and his limitless
love for his people and his God. (ages 12-14)
M o r s l e y ,
H. V. Junior Bible archaeology. New York, Macmillan, 1956. 104 p.
Written to stimulate interest in Bible lands, the book describes famous
discoveries, the life of ancient cities, and the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls,
(ages 12-16)
N e v i l , S u s a n
R. The picture story o f the Middle East. New York, David
McKay, 1956. 52 p.
Lively text and illustrations tell of the history and culture o f all the coun­
tries of the Middle East, including Israel, (ages 9-12)
N o b l e , I r i s .
Joseph Pulitzer: front page pioneer. New York, Julian Messner,
1957. 191 p.
A story o f the life o f the famous American journalist and his successful
career as editor of the St. Louis
and owner and publisher of
The World,
(ages 12-15)
P i l c h i k , E l y S a m u e l .
From the beginning: a new look at the Bible. New York,
Bloch, 1956. 275 p.
An introduction to the Old Testament for older children in religious schools
which looks at the Biblical heritage in its historical perspective, (ages 14 and
P i n s , A r n u l f
M. and
S c o t c h , C h a r l o t t e .
My Haggadah. Illustrated by Emma
Landau. New York, Behrman, 1957.
A picture Haggadah for the very young.
R u b i n , A l v a n . A
picture dictionary o f Jewish life. Illustrated by Lili Cassel.
New York, Behrman, 1956.
A rewarding introduction to Jewish living for the very young by means of
appealing illustrations, (ages 5-8)
S i n g e r , R i c h a r d
E. I f the prophets were alive today: Ruth and Jerry find some
answers. New York, Bookman Associates, 1957. 191 p.
A group of teen-age junior high students cope with their everyday problems
with the aid of Biblical references showing how the prophets handled similar
situations, (ages 12-14)