Page 158 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 15

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pn D«n ,y:m ,1938 ps yatoDnN nyp'Dn nyn ton!?. )«nrxp .0 .n
“| i n taxaNnyn p« tn^NntMNp pNnya
D u b n o w , S im o n .
World history of the Jewish people from the ancient times to
the present in 10 volumes. Volumes 9 and 10. New York — Buenos Aires,
Congress for Jewish Culture, 1956.
Last two volumes of a new edition. Vol. 9 was translated by Nokhum Shtif,
vol. 10, by Ch. S. Kazdan “from the Russian edition of 1938, Riga, which was
enlarged and prepared for publication by S. Dubnow.”
:y^p*nyn .c u n s nyto 1
) 5717
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PH”) 'r 64 ,368 .1956 ,N3ip .WNllKn .JND^yan .’ .x ]1« IN^BNp .D .D
.(P'JNSP ]
-Dwyn ! D ’ m b d
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m ,yp*nyaN .n p p x y n N n y P D
.nynayn 2 .1956 ,pK«Na nyroayriK nyn ,Dyn”N
p tw yap'ranas .nynayb* nyaNpnyoN'p'BN1? ps )pnna”N-ypn
NtyNDxn apy* ps pntyya nanpn .yp'Dpya pa
tony c j y n « D n p s y a a ' p y a ’ n j r p ^ K , n y r s
,niv’ - BiD’DDrN nyay!?BBNtMDm nytPH” ,Dyn’’N-Dtuyn
.a n a
331 .1956
” ]ns yaa'pya
L i p i n e r , E l i a s .
The history of a sacred writing. Buenos Aires, Yiddish Scientific
Institute — YIVO, 1956. 331 p.
History of the Hebrew alphabet.
,pn«'”n . ^ « n » ’ - ^ n «
n ’ «
b d n
1? .
, ] « D ^ y n a
215 .1956
iBTDi^nNoin « pN pnpya pyW«nttr ps ipnna”K
N u d e l m a n ,
M. A Jew laughs
Israel. New York, 1956, 215
p .
Impressions of the author’s trip to Israel, written in a humorous vein.
m « ’ ’ n d n a .
n y n
i k a ]
n s . p n s ’ , )NDHy
.'r 166 .1956 ,pn«s
ny»»ayn«D ps )yoipya
nya^yn ,nanD ps ]pnna”Nyay^aynys
.1944 p« i*?ns p'p aaip’&nNS
E d i s o n , I s a a c .
Poland after the “liberation.” Paris, 1956. 166
p .
Personal experiences of the author who was repatriated after spending the
years 1939-44 in Soviet concentration camps.
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pmn BytrDNpTn -pnaynny D”n ,pnwTa . l y a a i a ^ n P H a
.'r 292 .1957 fj«^n«s tjp’x
pa ymwHawpD ,nynay!? yp'ysNT’tranyD ps lyaaia’nprcrypn
tapinnya lynya jy rr dnii jxaynaNsoynNp ps ta^yBtpyasnaix ,”pnyt
yDDya n n«s y^ynswn^mD .a h jyDipNa .d a n y T i n a s p«
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