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Education in the rubric, “Jewish Books for the Jewish Home:
Something Old and Something New.” Jewish Book Week closed
with a forum on “Contemporary Jewish Writing” in which the
following authors participated: Alexander Baron, Wolf Mankowitz,
Mordecai Richler and Adele Wiseman.
Among the books of the year, the following deserve special
Picciotto’s delightful classic,
Sketches of Anglo-Jewish History
(1875), edited with a commentary and a vivid epilogue by Israel
Three Hundred Years
, a volume to commemorate the
Tercentenary of the Resettlement of the Jews in Great Britain,
1656-1956, with Viscount Samuel’s speech at the Guildhall Dinner
and his broadcast;
The Bible in A rt
, a Phaidon book on the
masters in the galleries of Europe, a veritable gem illustrating
“ the sacred books of the image-less people” ; Grollenberg’s
of the Bible
, a joy to possess; Buechler’s
Studies in Jewish History
a memorial volume to the late Principal of Jews’ College, an
authority on the first three centuries of the current era — a
delectable scholars’ feast.
Also, Dayan Gruenfeld’s
Judaism Eternal
, a selection edited in
translation from the essays of Samson Raphael Hirsch on Jewish
life and thought; Rabbi Louis Jacobs’
We Have Reason to Believe
a brilliant exposition of the fundamentals of Judaism and a
courageous effort by a traditionalist towards a synthesis with
modern thought; J. L. Talmon’s
The Nature of Jewish History:
Its Universal Significance
, the inaugural Hillel Foundation lecture
with a reply to Professor Toynbee — the most illuminating short
analysis since Dubnow; David Daiches’
Between Two Worlds: An
Edinburgh Jewish Childhood
, dealing with Jewish life in Edinburgh
between the wars and with the liberal and agnostic life of letters,
together with a sympathetic portrait of Rabbi Dr. Salis Daiches;
and Adele Wiseman’s
The Sacrifice
, a promising first novel of
Jewish immigrant life in Canada, written with sympathy, insight
and beauty on the two levels of fact and allegory.
A b r a h a m s , K a r l .
Clinical papers and essays on psychoanalysis. London, Hogarth
Press, 1956.
Includes an essay on the ambivalence of
Kol Nidrei.
A l l e g r o ,
J. M. The Dead Sea scrolls. London, Penguin Books, 1956.
A brilliant account by a lecturer in the University of Manchester, with
conjectures on the Teacher of Righteousness and the Wicked Priest.
A l r o y , L i o n e l .
Shut out the sun. London, Longmans, 1956.
A novel of rootlessness in Calcutta.
A n d e r s o n , A .
W. Plants of the Bible. London, Crosby Lockwood, 1957.
By an expert botanist who is a Bible lover. Color plates and drawings.
Anglo-Israel Association. Israel, 1956.
Five lectures on archaeology, agriculture, population, the legal system in
Palestine, and recent developments in Israel.