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Aspects of Anglo-Jewish Life: 1656-1956. Edited by Beatrice Barwell and Woolf
Perry. London, Zionist Federation, 1956.
Five essays, including one by the late Dr. Joseph Heller, “Hebrew and
Yiddish Literature since the Resettlement,” being the contribution of the
Zionist Federation to Anglo-Jewry’s tercentenary celebrations.
B a r t h , A r o n .
The modern Jew faces eternal problems. London, Bachad Fellow­
ship, 1957.
Asking the urgent questions, the author discusses the emergent answers.
B e n t w i c h , N o r m a n .
They found refuge. London, Cresset Press, 1956.
On “the ransom of the captives” and Anglo-Jewish philanthropic endeavor.
B i r m i n g h a m , G e o r g e A . G o d ’s ir o n : a s t u d y o f th e p r o p h e t J e r em ia h . L o n d o n ,
G e o f f r e y B l e s ,
A lucid interpretation of that great optimist who believed in the triumph
of the Divine Scheme, by Canon Hannay, theologian and preacher.
B r a s c h ,
R. The star of David. Sydney, Australia, Angus and Robertson, 1956.
On the essentials of Judaism by the Chief Minister of Temple Emanuel,
B r o d , M a x .
Henrich Heine: the artist in revolt. Translated
b y
Joseph Witriol.
London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1956.
The Jewish element in Heine strongly emphasized; his dilemma as a Jew
in France; and his ambivalence. First published in German in Holland, 1934.
B r o w n , J o h n M a s o n .
Through these men. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1957.
A discussion of four American personalities, three of whom are Jews: Mr.
Justice Frankfurter, Walter Lippman, and J. Robert Oppenheimer.
B u t l e r , E .
M. Heinrich Heine. London, Hogarth Press, 1957.
Miss Butler sheds new light on the poet from Hirth’s edition of
The Letters
A portrait in scholarship.
C o h e n , I s r a e l . A
Jewish pilgrimage. London, Vallentine Mitchell, 1956.
The autobiography of a journalist, Zionist leader, Jewish traveller, scholar,
critic and author whose public activities span more than sixty years.
D a i c h e s , D a v i d .
Literary essays. Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd, 1956.
Contains an essay on “Translating the Hebrew Bible” and also a study of
the impact of religion upon poetry.
D a i c h e s - R a p h a e l , D a v i d .
Moral judgment. London, Allen and Unwin, 1955.
A philosophic contribution on the basis of moral judgment as an “inter­
personal tie between man and man,” for student and layman, by the Senior
Lecturer in Moral Philosophy at Glasgow University.
D a v i e s ,
D .
D a u b e ,
D., eds. The background of the New Testament
and its eschatology: studies in honour of G. H. Dodd. Cambridge, University
Press, 1956.
Includes an essay on Paul’s debt to Pharisaism.
D e m b i t z e r , S a l o m o n .
Adventure in Prague. Sydney, 1956.
A volume of short stories, including that of Mottele, the pious shopkeeper
and the stateless Jew.
Exhibition of Jewish bookplates. Jerusalem, Graphic Archives and Museum, 1956.
A catalogue illustrating the history of Jewish bookplates, assembled by
Abraham Weiss of Tel Aviv.
F i n b e r t , E l i a s
J. Hachette world guides: Israel. London, Hachette, 1956.
“It would be difficult to find a more useful travelling companion.”
F i s h m a n , I s i d o r e .
The Megillah: translated and interpreted. London, Jack
Mazin, 1956.
A new rendering in simple English with explanatory notes. Accurate and
well-suited for classroom.
F r om m , E r i c h .
The sane society. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1956.
Human psychoanalysis. With references to the patriarchal and matriarchal
principles in Judaism.
F u n d a m i n s k y , S h l o m o .
A new Hebrew grammar. London, 1956.
A first course; orderly, lucid and accurate.
G a g u i n e , R a b b i S h e m t o b .
S h em
Tob. Vols. IV-V, VI. London,
1 9 5 6 .
The customs of Shavuot, Tisha b’Av and Yamim Noraim, by the late
Principal of Montefiore College, Ramsgate. A delightful and encyclopedic
work on Ashkenazi and Sefardi liturgical custom.