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G i n s b e r g , M o r r i s .
Essays on sociology and social philosophy. London, Allen
and Unwin, 1956.
Includes an essay on antisemitism viewed as a phenomenon
sui generis
with multiple and complex causes that transcend the psychoanalytical.
G r u e n f e l d ,
I. The Sabbath: a guide to its understanding and observance.
London, 1957.
A second edition, with enlarged index.
---------, ed. Judaism eternal: selected essays from the writings of Rabbi Samson
Raphael Hirsch. London, Soncino Press, 1957. 2 volumes.
Of the synthesis of
Derech Eretz
which, preached by Hirsch in
Frankfurt for nearly 40 years, has left its impress on the world of Jewry.
H a d a i n , A r n o l d .
Politics in Israel. London, Anglo-Israel Association, 1956.
Upon the importance of compromise.
H e n d e r s o n , P h i l i p .
Life of Lawrence Oliphant. London, Robert Hale, 1957.
A striking portrait of a 19th century Gentile Zionist who combined idealism
with business shrewdness and planned a Jewish settlement in Palestine which
obtained favor from Lord Salisbury and Lord Beaconsfield.
H o r t h y , N i c h o l a s .
Memories. London, Hutchinson, 1956.
How, in 1944, he helped to save Hungarian Jews, particularly the 170,000
of Budapest.
J a c o b s , L o u i s .
We have reason to believe. London, Vallentine Mitchell, 1957.
For the intelligent layman who seeks a synthesis of traditional Judaism
with modern knowledge. A brilliant and courageous book.
Jewish Chronicle travel guide: 1956. Compiled by “Green Flag.” London, Jewish
Chronicle Publications, 1956.
A unique travel guide with a compendium of general information. Includes
particulars of Jewish institutions in every part of the world.
Jewish Chronicle travel guide: 1957. Compiled by “Green Flag.” London, Jewish
Chronicle Publications, 1957.
Jewish Year Book: 1957 (5717-5718). Edited by Hugh Harris. London, Jewish
Chronicle Publications.
The Jewish “Whittaker” and “Who’s Who.”
Jewish youth group. London, World Union for Progressive Judaism, 1957.
An anthology by 20 writers. Suggestions for adult educational programs.
K a l l a y , N i c h o l a s .
Hungarian premier. Oxford, University Press, 1956.
Of the 400,000 Jews of Hungary, half of whom were deported at Hitler’s
command, and of the premier’s refusal to inflict stronger repressions.
K i r k b r i d e , S i r A l a n S e a t h . A
crackle of thorns: experiences in the Middle
East. London, John Murray, 1956.
By a fair minded western observer who, from 1921-1939, held administrative
offices in Jordan and Palestine.
K o h l e r , L u d w i g .
Hebrew man. London,
S .
C. M. Press, 1956.
A course of lectures on biblical archaeology, delivered at Tubingen in
1952, now available in translation.
L e h m a n n , M e i r .
Akiba. Translated from the German by Joseph Leftwich.
London, 1956.
An educational book for youth.
L e h r m a n ,
S. M. Gateways to the Sidrah and the festivals. London, United
Synagogue, 1956.
Stimulating half-page sermonettes for youth leaders by a talented, eloquent
and experienced preacher.
Leo Baeck institute year book: I: 1956. London, East and West Library.
The achievements of German Jewry from the Emancipation in 1781 until
the extinction in 1943 when Dr. Baeck was sent to Theresienstadt. A number
of essays written with personal knowledge. Bibliography compiled by the
Wiener Library.
L e v y , A r n o l d .
History of the Sunderland community. London, Macdonald,
Written by one of its distinguished builders.
Mishnayoth: supplement and index: vol. VII. Edited by Philip Blackman.
London, Mishnah Press, 1957.