Page 175 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 15

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With an essay by Rabbi E. Kahana on “The Importance of the Mishnah
Throughout the Ages.”
N o v o m e y s k y ,
M. A. My Siberian life. London, Max Parrish, 1956.
The story of a Russian revolutionary who attended the Zionist Congress
in 1903 and first visited Palestine in 1911. Later he became the founder of
the potash industry in Palestine.
O ’B a l l a n c e , M a j o r E d g a r .
The Arab-Israeli war of 1948. London, Faber and
Faber, 1956.
A sound and vivid account of “The War.”
P e a r l , C h a im ,
B r o o k e s , R e u b e n .
A guide to Jewish knowledge. London,
Jewish Chronicle Publications, 1956.
A book of handy reference for parent and teacher.
P i c c i o t t o , J a m e s .
Sketches of Anglo-Jewish history. Revised and edited, with a
prologue, notes and epilogue, by Israel Finestein. London, Soncino Press,1956.
A new edition, commemorating the Anglo-Jewish Tercentenary, of a unique
work, first published in 1875. Mr. Finestein, historian and lawyer, surveys
Anglo-Jewish history since 1875.
Prayers, psalms and hymns for the use of Jewish children. London, 1957.
Prepared under the guidance of the Conference of Ministers of the Union of
Liberal and Progressive Synagogues.
Proceedings of the twenty-third international congress of orientalists. London,
Royal Asiatic Society, 1957.
Contributions from Jewish scholars of many lands.
P r o u d f o o t , M a l c o l m
J. European refugees. London, Faber and Faber, 1957.
Includes a special chapter on Jewish refugees, by a detached officer of
R a b i n o w i c z , O s k a r
K. Winston Churchill on Jewish problems. London, Lincoln-
Prager, for World Jewish Congress, 1956.
A complete and systematic account of the speeches and dicta of Sir Winston
Churchill on Jewish persons and problems in the Diaspora from 1905 when
he entered political life in Manchester.
R e i t l i n g e r , G e r a l d .
The S.S.: alibi of a nation. London, Heinemann, 1956.
From the Weimar days and the connivance of the departments of the
New State.
R i c h a r d s o n , J o a n n e .
Rachel. London, Max Reinhardt, 1957.
A life of the great French actress who remained a Jewess.
R i v e r s , E l i z a b e t h .
Out of bondage: Israel. London, Peter Owen, 1957.
A travel book by a religious Christian and a painter of sensitive
R i v k i n - b r i c k , A n n a .
Israel. Stockholm, Daniel Brick, 1956.
A photographic interpretation by a Swedish-Jewish photographer of life in
the State of Israel.
R o c k e r , R u d o l f .
The London years. Translated from the Yiddish by Joseph
Leftwich. London, Robert Anscombe, 1957.
Of the doyen of the anarchist movement who devoted 60 years to Yiddish
and to the Jewish working class.
R o f e , C y r i l .
Against the wind. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1956.
On the heroic exploits of a Jewish P.O.W. in Upper Selesia and of his final
dash to freedom.
R o t h , C e c i l .
The Jewish contribution to civilization. London, East and West
Library, 1957.
A third edition of a standard work.
R o t h , L e o n .
Spinoza. London, Allen and Unwin, 1956.
A re-issue of a brilliant study, published in 1929, by the Ahad Ha’am
Professor of Philosophy at Jerusalem from 1928-1953.
R o w l e y ,
H. H. Book list 1956 of the society for Old Testament study. London.
Includes the works of several Jewish scholars.
Saga of Jerusalem: The Holy City. Jerusalem: Universitas. London, Vallentine
Mitchell, 1956.
A beautiful volume of old maps and maps of modern Jerusalem, with an
introduction by Dr. Mazar, President of the Hebrew University.