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S a l a m a n , E s t h e r .
The fertile plain. London, Hogarth Press, 1956.
A novel of Jewish childhood in the Ukraine.
S c h o n f e l d , H u g h
J. Secret of the Dead Sea Scrolls. London, Vallentine Mitchell,
A new approach which expounds the theory that the sect of the Qumran
caves used the
writing found in Jeremiah
and so on).
Scripta Hierosolymitana (Publications of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem):
vol. II: studies in mediaeval and modern thought and literature. Edited by
Richard Koebner. vol. I l l: studies in the economic and social sciences
relating to Jewish life in Israel and the Diaspora. Jerusalem, Magnes Press,
S i n g e r ,
A. L’Lev Ami (to the heart of my people): sermons, studies and discourses:
vol. II. London, 1956.
By the late and saintly Rav of Philpot Street Great Synagogue.
S o l o m o n s , B e t h e l .
One doctor in his time. Dublin, Christopher Johnson, 1956.
The autobiography of a leader of Liberal Judaism in Ireland.
S p e r b e r , M a n e s .
The lost boy. London, Deutsch, 1956.
The final book of a trilogy on the guerillas of Yugoslavia.
T a lm o n ,
J. L. The nature of Jewish history: its universal significance. London,
Hillel Foundation, 1957.
The Inaugural Hillel Foundation Lecture 1956 by a brilliant historian of
international reputation.
Three hundred years: a volume to commemorate the tercentenary of the re­
settlement of the Jews in Great Britain 1656-1956. Published for the
Tercentenary Council and the Jewish Chronicle by Vallentine Mitchell,
London, 1957.
A permanent record which includes the speech of Viscount Samuel at the
Guildhall Dinner.
U l l m a n , S .
B. Culture and Judaism. London, Lehman’s Jewish Book Centre, 1957.
A volume of essays, by a biologist who is a fundamentalist, on the integration
of the teachings of science with the doctrine of divine causation.
W a l l e n s t e i n , M e i r .
Some unpublished Piyyutim from the Cairo Geniza. Man­
chester, University Press, 1956.
Some 10th century
from MSS at Oxford, Cambridge and British
Museum, reconstructed, revocalized, translated and annotated, by the Lecturer
in Mediaeval and Modern Hebrew at the University of Manchester.
---------. A striking hymn from the Dead Sea scrolls. Manchester, University
Press, 1956.
A 24 page hymn published by E. L. Sukenik in 1955, edited for the first
time, with translation and commentary.
W e b s t e r , S i r C h a r l e s . T h e fo u n d e r o f t h e n a t io n a l h om e . R e h o v o t , Y a d
C h a im W e i zm a n n ,
Text, with Hebrew translation, of the annual Chaim Weizmann Memorial
Lecture, delivered in 1956 by the Emeritus Professor of History and Inter­
national Relations in the University of London.
W e i s z ,
I. J. Minhat Yitzchak. Manchester, 1957.
Responsa on topical matters such as
artificial insemination, con­
traception and
, by the head of the Manchester Beth Din, formerly
in Rumania.
Z i n o b e r , L e i b .
Divrei Shalom. London, 1956.
Responsa and rabbinical disquisitions by an erudite scholar of Lithuania.