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many translations), and historiography. Significantly, this ex­
traordinary record was achieved in a critical year that witnessed
“Operation Sinai,” a lightning defensive thrust which became an
incentive for the creation of more books.
Though brief, this bibliography furnishes ample testimony of
an accomplishment that borders on the miraculous. A small
nation completely surrounded by enemies, fighting for its very
survival, takes time out to create monumental literary works!
I t is heartwarming to record that Israeli book publishers (whose
number is approximately 60) were represented this year at the
Publishers’ Convention held in Italy. Among the 550 delegates of
publishing houses from Europe, Australia and America, only two
Asian countries were represented — India and Israel.
The Israeli delegates pointed out that, while Israel is translating
much of the world’s literature, other countries are not reciprocating
with translations of the important Hebrew books. Israel is vitally
interested in such a mutuality. A considerable period has elapsed
since the Bible, now the legacy of civilization, was produced by
the great Hebraic creative genius. This fertile creativity has
continued through the centuries, and its modern fruitage should
find expression in translation from Hebrew into other languages.
One may express justifiable pride in the rich literary vintage, of
which this listing is but a small sample, that is being harvested in
the land where our forefathers first set the Hebrew creative impulse
in motion.
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Messianic movements in Israel. Edited by Yehudah Ibn
Samuel (Kaufman). Jerusalem, Mosad Bialik, 5716. Vol. 1, 471 p.
Comprises documents and source material about Messianic movements
among the Jews from the time of Bar Kokba till the expulsion from Spain in
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