Page 185 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 15

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n’moron m ’pn npn^ ntinn
p b p ) a n m 'd . a p y ’ , p n s
m oro ,
’n’n s ^ m ora ^a nNanai isapa nr nsDa .o^nn ’aiaaDa
’yno1? (w w ra o n so ntrain fa ’a*ri>n .a n n a omorD hddi ]’£>!?n
.'o y
.risw i ,p’nyn nnron
P a r m a n , J a c o b .
The book of David son of Jesse. Tel Aviv, Society for the
Publication of Books on the Ancient Orient, 5716. 224 p.
A new approach to the Psalms, published on the occasion of the tri-millennial
anniversary of King David, their traditional author.
n n s o ’p-isi mmpo ; d h s d d m n n
. 3
’ a m x ,.a , ’ p o n s
,naa’ ^ a w ^ n .wd* nyi n w n a ’d’d o’oym
n n h n !? onna io
.□mna 'a .mwi-rowi
P e r s k i ,
N., and
A v i v i , B .
Generations tell: sources and selected readings of
Jewish and general history. Tel Aviv, Yavneh, 5715-5716. 3 vols. Illustrated.
nso ; m p » n p m i n x
n . y t p i r r o ^ n , ’ p D a i D i p
nmnna .a-N nvm a :n -pa .to d m o
n’afannipaip - n iB’Knon
.rfDB?n ,nnDD
.na>D iaa ,ffy i nanan ,ffy napino
K o s o w s k y , I J a y y im J o s h u a .
Thesaurus of the Mishnah language: vol. 1: letters
alef-gimel. Jerusalem, Massadah, 5716. 469 p.
A new edition.
’r o yxaa
i d
□ ’ n y n r y n y i s n
. ^
d v
j ’ p o a ^ D n a ] ’ a ^ D n a
.ppn ,nm«Dn p a ’pn ,a’
B r a s l a v i [ B r a s l a v s k y ] , J o s e p h .
From the Gaza Strip to the Red Sea. Tel Aviv,
Hakibutz Hameuhad, 5717. 200 p.
A geographical book about the famous controversial strip of land.
d i
1?’* .ma^N nm sa “jmao . ' r o ’ a s ! ? y . n a ’ D , D y n a
p a ’pn fa ’afcr^n /anna jam*
,]A « mnryi oy-na na’D
.'o y
.n^aaNai n’anya nuionn nD’tn i aiaon
M i c a h .
Upon the face of Sinai: an album of pictures. Photographs by
Micah Bar-Am and Azariah Allon. Introduction by Johanan Ahroni. Tel
Aviv, Hakibutz Hameuhad, 5717. 94 p.
Introduction and captions in Hebrew and English.
,d’W p .[^nty,l7 naan Na*=]
.n .x yoo
.’nap ,naa
.'o y
T e v e t h , S h a b b e t h a i .
The expedition of the Defense Army of Israel. Jerusalem,
Schocken, 5717. 240 p.
The heroic Sinai expedition.
o’a ina nry nyixnai w s n a nanyon *?y D’pns nnao
. ' v o
y s a D
.mwi ,a’3N‘^n (D’Di^:n .D’Dm1?! D”Nas onsiD n ’a
Mivtza Sinai: Selected episodes by war correspondents of “Operation Sinai” in the
Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip. Tel Aviv, 5717. Illustrated.