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library of rabbinics which he bequeathed to the Hebrew Union
College Library, where it is still preserved as a separate collection.
Aaron Bernstein. 75th anniversary of death. Born in Danzig,
April 6, 1812; died in Berlin, February 12, 1884. Antiquarian
bookseller, practical scientist and professional writer on political,
religious and scientific subjects, he is remembered for the ghetto
Vogele der Maggid
Mende l Gibbor.
In the forefront
of reform based on further development of the Talmud, he
co-authored a reform prayer book. He was editor of a Jewish
paper, a political monthly, and later a daily in Berlin. “One of
the most versatile and productive Jewish minds of the 19th cen-
C h a im N a c h m a n B i a l i k .
25th anniversary of death. Born in
Rady, January 9, 1873; died in Vienna, July 4, 1934. Symbol of
the national revival, his deeply personal poetry established him
as the leading figure in recent Hebrew literature. Educated in
Russia, he went to Germany and later to Palestine in 1924. In
addition to "poetry Bialik wrote the
Sefer Ha-Agadah
Ravnitzky), a book of Biblical legends, essays, and criticism. He
wrote in Yiddish and translated several world classics into
Hebrew. The famous Bialik prizes for Hebrew literature were
established as a tribute to him.
G o t t h a r d D e u t s c h .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in
Austria, January 31, 1859; died in Cincinnati, October 14, 1921.
From early rabbinic positions in Europe, he came to the Hebrew
Union College in 1891 as Professor of Jewish History and Phi-
losophy of Religion; he was Acting President in 1903. His many
articles in the
Al lgemeine Zei tung des Judentums, Deborah,
American Israelite, Reform Advocate,
etc., carry the bulk of his
contributions. His books on Jewish history and literature include
Memorable Dates of Jewish Li terature.
He also supervised the
development of a huge card index of many German periodicals
which proves very useful in American as well as European Jewish
D a v i d E i n h o r n .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Dispeck,
November 10, 1809; died in New York, November 2, 1879. Radi-
cal reform rabbi, he held pulpits in Baltimore (whence he fled
because of his unpopular anti-slavery position), Philadelphia,
and New York, in addition to several European cities where
government pressure frequently forced his removal. Contributor
to several periodicals and papers, he himself edited
prepared a very popular prayer book,
Olat Tamid ,
and a cate-
chism entitled
Ne r Tamid .
H y m a n G e r s o n E n e l o w .
25th anniversary of death. Born in
Kovno, October 26, 1877; died enroute to Italy, February 6,
1934. Rabbi of Temple Emanu-El in New York most of his