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e w i s h
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n n u a l
career, one of his primary community concerns was adult and
child education. He was very influential in establishing the
endowed chairs of Jewish learning at Columbia and Harvard.
Many articles and books came from his pen, including many col-
lections of sermons. Perhaps his most important work was the
editing of Al-Nakawa’s
Menorat Ha-Maor.
M a r c u s B a r F r i e d e n t h a l .
100th anniversary of death. Born
in June, 1781; died in Breslav, December 8, 1859. Leading
banker and merchant, he wrote
Ikkare Emunah, Yesod Ha-Dat
7 volumes, and other works on Jewish religious philosophy and
Baer Ben A lexander Goldberg. 75th anniversary of death.
Born in Soludna, Poland, in
died in Paris, May
8, 1884.
Active in wide areas of Hebrew literature, he contributed articles
on Jewish history and literature to Hebrew periodicals, he trans-
lated books from the Arabic, he edited works like the gram-
matical one of ibn Janah, the
Sefer Ha-Rikmah.
He also wrote
in the area of astronomy and the Jewish calendar.
A b r a h a m G o l d f a d e n .
50th anniversary of death. Born in
Starokonstantinov, July 12, 1840; died in New York, January
9, 1908. Starting with a volume of Hebrew poetry in 1865 and
editing a number of short-lived periodicals, he went on to be-
come one of the leading Yiddish playwrights and artists. Among
his twenty-five folk comedies and operettas were
Shulami t , Bar
Die Kishufmacherin.
He also published a volume
of Yiddish poetry and song. His
Rozhinkes m i t Mandlen
is per-
haps his most well-known song.
J a c o b G o r d in
(Mikhailovich). 50th anniversary of his death.
Born in Russia, May 1, 1853; died in New York, June 3, 1909.
A political reformer in Russia, he came to the United States to
found a collective agricultural settlement and stayed to write
plays that dominated the Yiddish theater for over twenty years.
His more than sixty plays include many adaptations, including
one of
K ing Lear.
I s a a c H a l e v i H e r z o g .
70th anniversary of birth. Born in
Lomz, Poland, November, 1888; now living in Israel. Secularly
trained in law, philosophy and oriental studies at the University
of London, he served as Chief Rabbi of Dublin and then of Ire-
land before he became Chief Rabbi of the Ashkenazi community
of Palestine in 1936, a position he still holds. Over the years,
he has written a number of halachic works including the five-
Main Inst i tut ions of Jewish Law.
N a f t a l i H e r z Im b e r .
50th anniversary of death. Born in
Galicia, December 27, 1856; died in New York, October 8, 1909.
A mystic and a wanderer, Imber edited papers as he wandered
over Europe, Palestine, and some of the major cities of the