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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
Kai ten;
his volumes of poetry include
Hin tern
L ieder fun Gan Eden.
He was awarded the Louis
La Med Literary Prize in 1946, the P. Hoffer Prize in 1954 and
an honorary degree from the Hebrew Union College-Jewish
Institute of Religion in 1958.
L e v i Y i t z h o k o f B e r d i c h e v .
150th anniversary of death. Born
in Galicia in 1740; died October 5, 1809. Son-in-law of Shneur
Zalman, he was among the most famous of the Hasidic rabbis.
Moving from pulpit to pulpit because of the pressures against
Hasidism, everywhere he taught love of God and of Israel.
Among his works were a collection of homilies, novellae, a
commentary on Abot; some of his hasidic melodies have come
down to us.
L o e w e .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Ziilz, Silesia,
in 1809; died in London in 1888. Orientalist and student of
many languages, he served as secretary to Sir Moses Montefiore
and edited his
He did some translations from Hebrew
books and wrote on the Egyptian language, arguing for Hebrew
origins. He was Principal of Jews' College and of Judith Lady
Montefiore College at Ramsgate.
M o r d e c a i Z eb i M a n e .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in
Lithuania, May 5, 1859; died in 1886. Painter and lyric poet,
he attended the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts after his Yeshiva
training. In addition to poetry, he wrote essays on art, artists
and aesthetics.
M e s h u l l a m B e n J o e l H a -K o h e n .
150th anniversary of death.
Died in Lemberg, September 25, 1809. His
Pi the N iddah
to be his only published book. His responsa were sought by
some of the greatest men of the period, one appearing in the
Wilna Gaon’s
Shenot Eliyahu.
B e r t h a P a p p e n h e im .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in
Vienna in 1859; died in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, June 4, 1936.
Feminist and social worker, she organized the Jewish feminists
of Germany, worked devotedly for aid to Eastern European
Jews, helped found a number of Jewish social institutions. She
wrote several pamphlets on the Jews of Galicia, published two
volumes of travel letters, and translated from Yiddish to German
Maaseh-Buch andTzeenah V-Reenoh
as well as Gliickel of
(Sholom Aleichem). 100th anniversary
of birth. Born in Pereyaslav, Russia, March 2, 1859; died in New
York, May 13, 1916. Writer and humorist in Hebrew and Yid-
dish, he began his career as a rabbi. He was a master of the
monologue and dialogue and is among the most well-known of
all Jewish writers. He wrote hundreds of short stories, novels