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Rounding out this conspicuous array of writers and subjects
are “Illustrations of Eretz Israel in Hebrew Manuscripts and
Prints” by Zev Vilnay of Jerusalem (in English), “Israeli Litera-
ture in English Garb” by Jacob Kabakoff, and “Hebrew Litera-
ture: The Art of the Translator” by David Patterson of London,
Recognition is also given to the Conference on Jewish Writing
and Jewish Writers in America, sponsored jointly last November
by the Jewish Book Council of America and the Theodor Herzl
Institute. A detailed description of this Conference is included
in the annual report of our indefatigable Executive Secretary,
Rabbi Philip Goodman, as part of this volume. Two papers
have been reproduced here: “The Jewish Writer” by Meyer
Levin and “Themes for Jewish Writing” by the editor of the
Dr. Sol Liptzin’s “Kasrilevke Revaluated” in recognition of the
centennial of the birth of Sholom Aleichem, Herbert C. Zafren’s
“ Jewish Literary Anniversaries,” and the expert cataloguing of
the rich 1957-58 harvest of new books by Dr. I. Edward Kiev,
Mary N. Kiev, Fanny Goldstein, Daniel Persky, Dina Abramowicz,
Ruth P. Lehmann and Dr. Menachem Glenn—all are invaluable
contributions far beyond compute. To all who aided in this
literary venture, and especially to Rabbi Philip Goodman who
is a veritable tower of strength and a source of inspiration, we
express deep gratitude.
Four fellow-workers on behalf of the Jewish book are eulogized
in this volume: Joshua Bloch by Abraham Berger, Mordecai
Soltes by Dr. Azriel Eisenberg, Philip L. Seman by Justin Turner
and Pinkhos Churgin by Dr. Sidney Hoenig. We are saddened by
their passing, but their memory will long abide with us.
Jewish Book Annual
has joined its fifteen predecessors
through the generous gifts of the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation,
the Gustav Wurzweiler Foundation, the national organizations
affiliated with the Council, and our sponsor, the National Jewish
Welfare Board. In addition, indispensable service was rendered
by Rabbi Ely E. Pilchik, our past President, and by Hayyim Bass,
Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, Solomon Kerstein and Harry Starr.
Volume 16 is a worthy monument to their zealous efforts.