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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
functions of the Jewish Book Council, and, above all, for
inaugurating the publication of the tri-lingual
Jewish Book
of which the current volume is the sixteenth in the
series. In grateful acknowledgment of these contributions the
Jewish Book Council elected him Honorary President for life.
A significant and lasting sociological contribution to American
life was Dr. Soltes’ doctoral thesis (1923),
The Yiddish Press:
An Americanizing Agency
, which analyzed and evaluated the
influence of this important medium for orienting the Yiddish
immigrant to American life. Published by Teachers College,
Columbia University, his work still serves as a model for the
scientific analysis of the role of foreign language newspapers in
the Americanization of immigrant groups. His book,
The Jewish
Hol idays ,
published by the National Jewish Welfare Board, has
gone into many editions.
In 1941 Dr. Soltes became Executive Director and Professor of
Community Service in the Yeshivah University’s School of Educa-
tion and Community Administration, a position he held until
his passing.
While professionally active in the informal group work aspects
of Jewish education, Dr. Soltes was at the same time a founder
and leader of the National Council for Jewish Education, a pro-
fessional organization of Jewish educators and school men. He
was among the pioneers who endeavored to correlate the work
of the Jewish school and center, of formal class study with infor-
mal club activity.
Vigorous and energetic in personality, Dr. Soltes had the cour-
age of his convictions. His “yes” could be depended on, and his
“no” was uncompromising. One had no doubt as to where he
stood on any issue. He was clear and incisive in his thinking;
fair and exacting in his demands of himself and of others. Al-
though personally pious and traditional, he was, nevertheless,
tolerant and latitudinarian in his relations with his colleagues
and his fellow men. He was devoted to his work in which he
found happiness and self-fulfillment. His colleagues will always
remember him as a loyal friend, cheerful and stimulating, a man
with invincible faith in the future of American Jewry which he
served so well.
ך ורב
We shall always recall him with a blessing in our hearts.