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By I.
E d w a r d K i e v
I HE CURRENT bibliography of Jewish non-fiction published
J- during the year ending May, 1958, includes works on Zionism
and the State of Israel hitherto listed separately. The list of
books described here is considerably larger and more varied than
the harvest of preceding years. The galaxy of authors in itself
represents every shade of Jewish thought and scholarship. Headed
by the scholar-President of the State of Israel, Itzhak Ben-Zvi,
these names have all become familiar to the Jewish student and
to readers generally: Salo W. Baron, Judah Goldin, Cyrus H.
Gordon, Mordecai M. Kaplan, Israel Knox, Joseph Leftwich,
Sol Liptzin, Jacob S. Minkin, Louis I. Newman, Harry M.
Orlinsky, A. A. Roback and Yigael Yadin. From the fruits of
erudition and creativity provided by these authors, the English
reader will garner much benefit.
Among the books listed here will be found some of the works
of Maimonides, Moses Hess and Samson Raphael Hirsch, edited
and translated anew. Also worth noting are some of the essays
and sermons by American rabbis; David de Sola Pool, Ben Zion
Bokser, and the volume of sermons published annually by the
Rabbinical Council of America. The interesting volume by
Herman Glatt on the Dubner Maggid is a contribution to
Jewish homiletical literature. The anthology by the Ausubels
and Jacob Minkin’s Maimonides volume, as well as the English
translation of Menahem Kasher’s monumental
Torah Shelemah,
have enriched the list of fine reference material for the English
The annual publications of YIVO, American Academy for
Jewish Research,
Hebrew Union College Annual
and the
can Jewish Year Book,
include special studies in Jewish history
and literature and surveys of Jewish life today. The books which
describe the religious, political and cultural development of the
State of Israel are of special interest and timely.
Adams, Michael.
Suez and after: year of crisis. Cartoons by Low. Boston,
Beacon Press, 1958. 225 p.
A correspondent’s report on events in the Suez area from July, 1956,
when Nasser nationalized the canal.