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,American Jewish Yearbook: vol. 59, 1958. Edited by Morris Fine and Jacob
Sloan. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society; New York, American
Jewish Committee, 1958. 564 p.
A survey of Jewish life in the United States and communities through-
out the world, plus directories.
Anderson, Bernhard W.
Understanding the Old Testament. Englewood
Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall, 1957. 551 p.
An introduction to the Bible.
Ankori, Zvi.
Karaites in Byzantium. New York, Columbia University Press,
1958. 320 p.
The formative years from 970-1100 of the sect and its migration from
Syria and Mesopotamia to Byzantium are analyzed on the basis of all
the known sources. The conflict between the Karaites and the Rab-
banites in Constantinople is also related.
Apocrypha: revised standard version. New York, Nelson, 1957. 250 p.
The new English translation from the Greek and Latin versions, by
the editors of the American RSV.
Aronson, David.
The Jewish way of life. New York, National Academy for
Adult Jewish Studies, 1957. 227 p.
A new edition of a manual on Conservative Judaism.
Atkins, John.
Arthur Koestler. New York, Roy, 1957. 224
The life and work of the Jewish novelist and publicist.
Ausubel, Nathan
Marynn. A
treasury of Jewish poetry. New York,
Crown, 1957. 471 p.
Selections and English translations of poems by Jews in every age
and every place.
Baratz, Joseph.
A village by the Jordan: the story of Degania. New York,
Sharon Books, 1957. 175 p.
The history of one of the first collective settlements in Israel by one
of its founders.
Bar Daniel, Eliahu.
From Daniel to Daniel. New York, Vantage, 1957. 318 p.
The life story of a young revolutionary against Czarist oppression in
Russia, who came to the United States and suceeded in industry, and
subsequently established a new life in a Kibbutz in Israel.
Barnett, Adam.
Doctor Harry: the story of Dr. Herman Lorber. New York,
Crowell, 1958. 180 p.
The life story of a busy Tewish physician among the tenements of
New York City.
Baron, Salo Wittmayer.
Social and religious history of the Jews: vols. 3-5.
New York, Columbia University Press, 1957. 340, 352, 416 p.
The middle ages, 500-1200 C.E., including post Talmudic and Geonic
Beatty, Ilene.
Arab and Jew in the land of Canaan. Chicago, Regnery,
1958. 108 p.
A presentation of the urgencies of the moment and the tensions of
Bellin, Mildred
G. The Jewish cook book. New York, Bloch, 1958. 444
American Jewish recipes and delicacies.
N. C., ed. Barriers: patterns of discrimination against Jews. New York,
Friendly House, 1958. 121 p.
Examples of publications and propaganda by anti-Semitic elements in
the United States.
Ben-Ari, Raikin.
Habima. Trans, by A. H. Gross and I. Soref. New York,
Yoseloff, 1957. 253 p.
The story of the famous theatrical group, its early days in Moscow
and revival in Tel Aviv.