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ict ion
Ben-Zvi, Itzhak.
The exiled and the redeemed. Trans, by Isaac A. Abbady.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1957. 334 p.
The Jewish communities of the Orient and North Africa are described
by the President of the State of Israel who has made a lifetime study
of their ethnological and sociological development.
Bernstein, Marver
H. The politics of Israel: the first decade of statehood.
Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1957. 360 p.
This study by a professor of political science is based primarily on
systematic observation and field research in Israel. Covers the inter-
national political development, the constitutional framework, the elec-
toral processes, party politics, development of central and local govern-
ment, the role of government in economics and social welfare.
Bigman, Stanley
K. The Jewish population of greater Washington in 1956.
Washington, D. C., Jewish Community Council, 1957. 174 p.
A survey based on interviews to determine the sociological and religious
life of the Jews in the capital.
Binswanger, Ludwig.
Sigmund Freud: reminiscences of a friendship. Trans,
by Norbert Gutterman. New York, Grune and Stratton, 1957. 112 p.
Blank, Sheldon
H. Prophetic faith in Isaiah. New York, Harper, 1958. 241 p.
The religious elements of the Book of Isaiah, newly examined and
interpreted by the Professor of Bible at the Hebrew Union College-
Jewish Institute of Religion.
Blumenthal, William
R. Jewish question and answer book on the Bible,
Jewish lore and holidays. Los Angeles, Fellowship for Jewish Culture,
1957. 168 p.
Bokser, Ben Zion.
Judaism and modern man. New York, Philosophical
Library, 1957. 160 p.
Essays by the rabbi of the Forest Hills Jewish Center.
Bonser, Edna
the early Hebrews lived and learned. New York,
Macmillan, 1957. 269 p.
A guide for teachers.
Bottome, Phyllis.
Alfred Adler: a portrait from life. New York, Vanguard,
1958. 300 p.
A reissue of the biography of the well known psychoanalyst from
Boxer, Baruch.
Israeli shipping and foreign trade. Chicago, University of
Chicago Department of Geography, 1957. 162 p.
A research paper concerned with “Israel’s ocean transportation services
as a means to an understanding of certain aspects of Israel’s foreign
Breslau, David.
Adventure in pioneering. New York, Habonim, 1957. 198 p.
The story of 25 years of camping for Labor Zionist youth.
Brod, Max.
Heinrich Heine: the artist in revolt. Trans, by Joseph Vitriol.
New York, New York University Press, 1957. 355 p.
A sympathetic portrait of Heine against the background of his times
attempting to show how he preserved his Jewish heritage.
Buber, Martin.
Pointing the way. Trans, by Maurice Friedman. New York,
Harper, 1957. 239 p.
Essays on Judaism and existentialism.
Burrows, Millar.
More light on the Dead Sea scrolls. New York, Viking,
1958. 448 p.
A review of the latest discoveries and scholarship on the scrolls with
an extensive bibliographical survey.
E. M. Heinrich Heine. New York, Philosophical Library, 1957. 296 p.
A new biography marking the centenary of Heine’s death.
New light on the most ancient East. New York, Grove,
1957. 255 p.
Recent archeological discoveries in the Near East and their relation
to the birth and growth of civilization.