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ict ion
Erben, Walter.
Marc Chagall. New York, Praeger, 1957. 158 p. 76 plates.
An art critic's evaluation of Chagall’s development as an artist in
relation to his life experience as a seeker of truth.
Ewen, David.
Richard Rodgers. New York, Holt, 1957. 378
A biography of the composer of some of the best known American
music of the present time.
Eytan, Walter.
The first ten years: a diplomatic history of Israel. New
York, Simon and Schuster, 1958. 239 p.
The director-general of Israel’s foreign ministry presents an accounting
of Israel’s relations with the world generally and with the Arabs
Fast, Howard.
The naked god: the writer and the Communist party. New
York, Praeger, 1957. 194 p.
The author’s personal experience as a member of the Communist
party in the U.S. and his struggle to free himself after he learned of the
purges in Russia of Jewish doctors and writers.
Federbush, Simon,
ed. Rashi: his teaching and personality. New York, World
Jewish Congress and Torah Culture Department of the Jewish Agency,
1958. 155, 261 p.
Studies in Hebrew and in English by American Jewish scholars about
the life and times of Rashi in commemoration of the 850th anniversary
of his death.
Feuer, Lewis Samuel.
Spinoza and the rise of liberalism. Boston, Beacon,
1958. 323 p.
A historical and psychological study of the philosopher’s life, showing
the significance of Spinoza’s thought for modern man.
Filson, Floyd
V. Which books belong in the Bible. Philadelphia, West-
minster, 1957. 176 p.
An examination of the canon of the Bible including the Apocrypha.
Filson, Joseph Edward.
The faith of the Bible. Baltimore, Penguin, 1957.
270 p.
The contributions of Judaism and Christianity to the living ideals
of western civilization.
Flores, Angel
Swander, Homer.
Frank Kafka today. Madison, Univer-
sity of Wisconsin Press, 1958. 290 p.
A study of the significant themes of Kafka’s novels and their influence
on modern writing.
Frank, Edgar.
Zemanim: time tables the world over for the observance of
daily Jewish duties. New York, Feldheim, 1957. 88 p.
The exact time for candle lighting and prayers, showing the beginning
and the end of the Sabbath and the festivals on all the continents.
Friedman, Philip.
Their brothers’ keepers. New York, Crown, 1957. 224 p.
The chronicle of the Christian heroes and heroines in Europe who
helped the oppressed Jews escape from the terror of Hitler’s hordes.
Gaer, Joseph.
The Jewish Bible for family reading. New York, Yoseloff,
1957. 559 p.
Selections suitable for use in the home.
Gaer, Joseph,
Wolf, Alfred.
Our Jewish heritage. New York, Holt,
1957. 242 p.
An anthology of Judaism for every man.
Garfiel, Evelyn.
The service
the heart. New York, Yoseloff, 1958. 251
A popular commentary and guide to the prayers and Jewish liturgy.
Gezari, Temima.
Footprints and new worlds. New York, Reconstructionist,
1957. 170 p.
A guide to creative crafts.
Ginzberg, Louis.
Students, scholars and saints. New York, Meridian Books;
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1958. 291 p.
A paperback reprint.