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Glatt, Herman.
He spoke in parables: the life and works of the Dubno
Maggid. New York, Jay Bithmar, 1957. 290 p.
A biography of Rabbi Jacob Kranz whose parables and maxims are
famous in Jewish folklore and homiletics.
Glazer, Nathan.
American Judaism. Chicago, University of Chicago Press,
1957. 176 p.
A sociological study of the activities of the three major Jewish religious
groups in the United States.
Glick, Edward
B. Latin America and the Palestine problem. New York,
Theodor Herzl Foundation, 1958. 199 p.
A presentation of the attitudes of the Latin American countries to
Palestine and especially toward Israel and her experiences with and in
the United Nations.
Goldberg, Nathan.
The new functional Hebrew-English English-Hebrew
dictionary. New York, Ktav, 1958. 368 p.
Goldfarb, Solomon
stand alone. New York, Jonathan David, 1957.
234 p.
Sabbath and holiday sermons by the rabbi of Temple Emanuel, Long
Beach, N. Y.
Goldhaft, Arthur
D. The golden egg. New York, Horizon, 1957. 314 p.
The autobiography of a Jewish veterinarian who made significant
contributions to science in the use of vaccines, and also played a part
in the development of Jewish agricultural settlements in the United
Goldin, Judah.
The living Talmud. Chicago, University of Chicago Press,
1958. 244 p.; New York, New American Library, 1957. 247 p.
The new English translation of the
Pirke A bo t
(The Wisdom of the
Fathers) together with selections from classical rabbinical commentaries
and an introductory essay on the Talmud.
Gordon, Cyrus
H. Adventures in the nearest east. Fair Lawn, N.
Books, 1957. 184 p.
The role of archaeology and the discovery of the Ugaritic literature
and the Dead Sea scrolls in the study and interpretation of Biblical
Gruber, Ruth.
Israel today: land of many nations. New York, Hill and
Wang, 1958. 242 p.
A correspondent's report on many fascinating aspects of life in Israel,
with information for tourists.
Gutstein, Morris
A., and
Graubart, David,
eds. The holy scriptures: a
Jewish family Bible. Chicago, Menorah Press, 1957. 942 p.
An enlarged edition of the Jewish Publication Society translation with
illustrations, glossary and family guide.
Hamilton, Elizabeth.
Put off thy shoes: a journey through Palestine. New
York, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1958. 192 p.
A Catholic author describes the holy places, the Kibutzim and an
Arab refugee camp.
Heaton, Eric William.
The Old Testament prophets. Baltimore, Penguin,
1958. 187 p.
A revised edition of the author’s
His Servants the Prophets,
with the relevance of prophetic faith for the modern world.
Hebrew Union College annual: vol. 28. Sheldon H. Blank, chairman, Board
of Editors. Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Re-
ligion, 1957. 324, 26 p.
Scholarly studies in Biblical and Semitic literature.
Heine, Heinrich.
Poems. Selected and translated by Louis Untermeyer.
New York, Heritage, 1957. 297 p.