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ict ion
Hess, Moses.
Rome and Jerusalem. Trans, by Maurice J. Bloom. New York,
Philosophical Library, 1958. 89 p.
An abridged translation of one of the early classics of Zionist literature.
H ill, Dorothy
B. Abraham: his heritage and ours. Boston, Beacon, 1957.
208 p.
The biography of Abraham based upon archaeological discoveries, the
book of Jubilees and the Bible text.
Hirsch, Samson Raphael.
Timeless Torah. New York, Feldheim, 1957. 525
An anthology selected and edited by Jacob Breuer.
Hoffman, William.
Those were the days. Minneapolis, T. S. Denison,
1957. 253 p.
A series of nostalgic vignettes about Jewish life in Minneapolis of
fifty and more years ago.
Husik, Isaac.
History of mediaeval Jewish philosophy. New York, Meridian
Books; Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1958. 466 p.
A paperback reprint.
Jeremiah: prophet of courage and hope. Nashville, Abing-
don, 1958. 128 p.
An interpretation for the modern reader of Jeremiah’s life and his
message, with a chronological arrangement of the prophecies.
Israel. Photographs by Izis. Preface by Andre Malraux. New York, Orion
Press, 1958. 159 p.
A volume of superb photographs accompanied by texts selected from
the Bible, modern Hebrew authors and other writers, published to
commemorate Israel’s tenth anniversary.
Jewish book annual: 5718 (1957-1958) : vol. 15. Edited by A. Alan Steinbach.
New York, Jewish Book Council of America, 1957. 184 p.
Essays on books, authors and booklore and bibliographies of English,
Yiddish and Hebrew books.
Jewish Public Library, Montreal.
Our library. Montreal, 1957. 116, 114
The story of one of the important Jewish libraries on this continent.
Jones, Ernest.
The life and work of Sigmund Freud: vol. 3: the last phase
1919-1939. New York, Basic Books, 1957. 537 p.
Contains the story of Freud’s escape from Nazi-ridden Vienna, and his
views on Judaism and religion.
Kahn, Robert
I. Bible readings for the synagogue. Houston, Texas, Temple
Emanu-El, 1957. 96 p.
Kallen, Horace
M. Utopians at bay. New York, Theodor Herzl Foundation,
1958. 303 p.
A philosophic discussion of acculturation, minorities, religion and the
state, and other problems of Israel.
Kaplan, Mordecai M.
Basic values in Jewish religion. New York, Recon-
structionist, 1957. I l l p.
The chapters on Jewish ethics from the larger work
Judaism As a
-------. Judaism without supernaturalism: the only alternative to orthodoxy
and secularism. New York, Reconstructionist, 1958. 254 p.
A reinterpretation of Jewish theology in terms of a modern world
Kasher, Menachem M.
Encyclopedia of biblical interpretation: vol.
by Harry Freedman. New York, American Biblical Encyclopedia Com-
mittee, 1958. 262 p.
A translation of the rabbinic commentaries, in the
Torah Shelemah
edition, of Genesis, chapters 18 to 25.
Kellner, Abraham A.
Tomorrow’s religion. New York, Gertz Bros., 1957.
143 p.
An orthodox rabbi’s sermons and studies in Jewish literature.