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o o k
n n u a l
Moorhead, William
G. The tabernacle, the priesthood, sacrifices and feasts
of ancient Israel. Grand Rapids, Mich., Baker, 1957. 246 p.
Nelson, Benjamin,
ed. Freud and the twentieth century. New York,
Meridian, 1958. 314 p.
Newman, Louis
I. The woman at the wall. New York, Bloch, 1958. 114 p.
A biblical play by the rabbi of Temple Rodeph Sholom in New York.
Noth, Martin.
The history of Israel. New York, Harper, 1958. 479 p.
An English translation by Stanley Goodman of the German scholar s
biblical history.
Nussbaum, Max,
Kramer, William M.
Temple Israel pulpit. Los
Angeles, College of Jewish Studies, 1957. 104 p.
Sermons and articles by the rabbis of the Temple in Hollywood.
O’Ballance, Edgar.
The Arab-Israeli war, 1948. New York, Praeger, 1957.
220 p.
An account of the Israeli War of Independence and of the develop-
ment of Israel’s army.
Orlinsky, Harry
M., ed. The book of Genesis of the holy scriptures accord-
ing to the Masoretic text. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society,
1958. 123 p.
A draft of the new English translation being prepared by American
Jewish Biblical scholars.
Owen, George Frederick.
Abraham to the Middle-East crisis. 4th ed., rev.
Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 1957. 429 p.
The Jewish people’s attachment to Palestine is traced from Biblical
times to the rise of Zionism, the birth of Israel, and events leading to
the Sinai campaign of 1956.
Patai, Raphael.
Current Jewish social research. New York, Theodor Herzl
Foundation, 1958. 102 p.
A bibliography and list of unpublished and projected theses and
monographs in every field of Jewish study.
Pesotta, Rose.,
Days of our lives. New York, Excelsior, 1957.
Reminiscences of a childhood in a
Sh tetl
of the Ukraine before the
first World War.
Pfeiffer, Robert
H., trans. The Hebrew illiad: the history of the rise of
Israel under Saul and David. Introduction by William G. Pollard.
New York, Harper, 1957. 154 p.
An effort to reorganize certain Biblical chapters.
Polk, William
Stamler, David
M., and
Asfour, Edmund.
Backdrop to
tragedy: the struggle for Palestine. Boston, Beacon Press, 1957. 399 p.
Studies of the explosive situation in the Near East by an American
authority on the Middle East, an English-Jewish Zionist and a Pales-
tinian Arab.
Pool, David de Sola.
I am a
Jew. New York, Bloch, 1957. 207
A personal document of religious consciousness based on a synthesis
of religious and cultural experience of one who has been the rabbi of
the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue of New York for half a century.
Proceedings of the Rabbinical Assembly of America: vol. 21. Edited by Max
Weine and Alex Goldman. New York, Rabbinical Assembly, 1958. 239 p.
The proceedings of the 1957 convention with reports and addresses.
Proust, Marcel.
Letters to his mother. New York, Citadel, 1957. 238
Letters he wrote from 1887, when he was a boy of 16, to 1905.
Reider, Joseph.
The book of wisdom. New York, Harper, 1957. 233 p.
The Greek text and an English translation with notes of the
of Solomon
in the Dropsie College Edition of
Jewish Apocryphal Litera-
Reitlinger, Gerald.
The SS:
of a nation: 1922-1945. New York, Viking
1957. 502 p.
New light on Nazi atrocities against the Jews.