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I. E.
— A
mer i ca n
ew i sh
o n
i ct ion
Religious buildings for today by the editors of the
A rchitectural Record.
New York, Dodge, 1957. 184 p.
Robin, Frederick
E., and
Hirsch, Selma
G. The pursuit of equality. New
York, Crown, 1957. 108 p.
An informal history of the American Jewish Committee during the
last fifty years.
Robinson, Edward
Duffy, William.
My father-my son. New
York, Fell, 1957. 316 p.
An autobiographical account by the son of the well known American
Jewish actor.
Robinson, Nehemiah,
ed. The Institute annual. New York, Institute of
Jewish Affairs of the World Jewish Congress, 1957. 511 p.
A survey of Jewish communities and reports of recent events affecting
Jews, their cultural life and achievements, together with a summary
of the progress of German and Austrian reparations.
Roodman, Solomon.
Vaccine of faith. New York, Jonathan David, 1957.
174 p.
A volume of sermons for Sabbath and festivals.
Rosenberg, Stuart
E. Man is free. New York, Bloch, 1957. 155 p.
Sermons and addresses by the rabbi of Temple Goel Zedeck in
Toronto, Canada.
Rosenthal, Frank.
The Jews of Des Moines: the first century. Jewish Welfare
Federation of Des Moines, Iowa, 1957. 213 p.
A sociological study of the Jewish community.
Rosowsky, Solomon.
The cantillation of the Bible. New York, Reconstruc-
tionist, 1957. 669 p.
A study of the musical background of the tropal accents found in the
text of the five books of Moses and their use in synagogue worship.
Abramson, Martin. No
man stands alone. Philadelphia,
Lippincott, 1957. 288 p.
The autobiographical story of an American Jewish prize fighter and
his service in the U. S. Marine Corps.
H. H. The unity of the Bible. New York, Meridian, 1957. 232
Runes, Dagobert D.
A book of contemplation. New York, Philosophical
Library, 1957. 149 p.
Essays on philosophy and faith.
Sachar, Howard
M. The course of modern Jewish history. Cleveland, World,
1958. 617 p.
A one volume history of the Jewish people since the French revolution.
Schick, Maete Gordon.
The burden and the trophy. New York, Pageant,
1957. 209 p.
The autobiography of an American Jewish matriarch who came as a
young girl from Poland and established a sizable dairy business in
Schneiderman, Harry,
ed. Two generations in perspective. New York,
Monde, 1957. 458 p.
in honor of Dr. Israel Goldstein which includes essays
on current movements and organizations.
Schoenfield, Hugh
J. Secrets of the Dead Sea scrolls. New York, Yoseloff,
1957. 164 p.
An analysis of the scrolls.
Schwarz, Jacob
D. The life and letters of Montgomery Prunejuice. New
York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1957. 245 p.
Humorous chapters on American Jewish community life by the former
director of the Commission on Synagogue Activities.
Searchinger, Cesar.
Artur Schnabel. Indianapolis, Dodd, Mead, 1957. 440 p.
A biography of the famous pianist, teacher and composer.