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Shankman, Sam.
Baron Hirsch Congregation: from Ur to Memphis. Mem-
phis, Tenn., 1957. 153 p.
The history of a large orthodox congregation in the South.
Shapiro, Karl.
Poems of a Jew. New York, Random, 1958. 70 p.
One of the greatest living poets expresses his Jewish feelings.
Siiarfman, Benjamin,
ed. Rabbinical Council manual of holiday and
sermons. New York, Rabbinical Council, 1957. 366 p.
An annual collection of sermons by American orthodox rabbis.
Silverman, William
B. Rabbinic stories for Christian ministers and teachers.
Nashville, Abingdon, 1958. 224 p.
Selections and anecdotes from Midrashic sources by the rabbi of
Temple Ohabai Sholom in Nashville, Tenn.
Simpson, Cuthbert
A. The composition of the Book of Judges. New York,
Macmillan, 1957. 197 p.
A study of the text and the historical background.
Sklare, Marshall,
ed. The Jews: social patterns of an American group.
Glencoe, Illinois, Free Press, 1958. 669 p.
A collection of sociological studies of the American Jewish community
and its institutions.
Snyder, Charles
R. Alcohol and the Jews. Glencoe, Illinois, Free Press,
1958. 226 p.
A cultural study of drinking and habits of social life among Ameri-
can Jews.
Soby, James Thrall.
Ben Shahn: his graphic art. New York, Geoige
Braziller, 1957. 144 p.
A critical evaluation of the artist’s work with a bibliography of
works on Shahn.
Sprigge, Elizabeth.
Gertrude Stein: her life and work. New York, Harper,
1957. 277 p.
Steinhardt, Jacob,
Baruch, Francisca.
The book of Ruth. Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1957.
A calligraphic edition of the Hebrew text with woodcuts by Steinhardt.
Stendhal, Krister,
ed. The scrolls and the New Testament. New York,
Harper, 1957. 308 p.
Monographs on the Dead Sea scrolls in relation to the origins of
Sulman, Esther.
A goodly heritage: the story of the Jewish community of
New London, 1860-1955. New London, Conn., 1956. 81 p.
Tcherikover, Victor A.,
Fuks, Alexander,
eds. Corpus papyrorum
Judaicarum: vol. 1. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard, 1957. 294 p.
A scholarly edition of Egyptian papyri concerning Jews and Judaism.
This volume deals with documents of the Ptolemaic period and also
includes the Prolegomena.
Teeple, Howard
M. The Mosaic eschatological prophet. Philadelphia,
Society of Biblical Literature, 1957. 122 p.
Thompson, John Arthur.
Archaeology and the Old Testament. Grand
Rapids, Eerdmans, 1957. 121 p.
Tobias, Thomas J.
The Hebrew Orphan Society of Charleston, S. C. Char-
leston, 1957. 61 p.
An historical account of the organization which was founded in 1801.
Travis, M. Mitchell.
The birth of a people. New York, Vantage, 1957. 141 p.
A reconstruction of the Biblical narrative of the exodus and the
soj'ourn of the Israelites in the wilderness.
Uchill, Ida Libert.
Pioneers, peddlers and Tsadikim. Denver, Sage, 1957.
327 p.
Jewish pioneering in the Rockies with chapters and vignettes on Jewish
life in Denver and in the state of Colorado.