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I. E.
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ict ion
Unger, Merrill
F. The Dead Sea scrolls and other amazing archaeological
discoveries. Grand Rapids, Mich., Zondervan, 1957. 120 p.
An introduction to the archaeology related to the Bible and the
latest finds of the scrolls.
Walker, Winifred.
All the plants of the Bible. New York, Harper, 1957.
244 p.
The flowers and plants of the Bible identified and illustrated for the
modern reader.
Waxman, Mordecai,
ed. Tradition and change. New York, Burning Bush,
1958. 477 p.
Selections from the writings of the founders and theologians of Con-
servative Judaism.
Weingreen, Jacob.
Classical Hebrew composition. New York, Oxford, 1957.
146 p.
A manual of Hebrew composition based on the Bible texts.
Weissberg, Alex.
Desperate mission: Joel Brand’s story. New York, Criterion,
1958. 310 p.
The story of Joel Brand who tried to negotiate the rescue of the
Hungarian Jews from Nazi schemes for a ‘total’ solution of the Jewish
Weitz, Martin M.
Life without strife. New York, Bloch, 1957. 200 p.
Sermons and addresses by the rabbi of Temple Beth Israel in Atlantic
City, N.J.
Wellesz, Egon
J., ed. Ancient and oriental music. New York, Oxford,
1957. 530 p.
The chapter on Jewish music in biblical times was contributed by
Carl H. Kraeling, and the chapter on post-biblical Jewish music is by
Eric Werner.
Wellhausen, Julius.
Prolegomena to the history of ancient Israel. New York,
Meridian, 1957. 552 p.
A reprint of the volume on Biblical history.
Werner, Eric.
In the choir loft. New York, Union of American Hebrew
Congregations, 1957. 54 p.
A manual for organists and musical directors in American synagogues.
Werth, Alexander.
Lost statesman: the strange story of Pierre Mendes-
France. New York, Abelard-Schuman, 1958. 428 p.
Whitley, Charles Francis.
The exilic age. Philadelphia, Westminister,
1958. 176 p.
The meaning of the prophecies of the exilic prophets for the modern
Williams, Albert
N. What archeology says about the Bible. New York,
Association Press, 1957. 125 p.
L. F.
The State of Israel. New York, Macmillan,
1957. 229 p.
A study by a British scholar and journalist of present-day Israel—its
people, culture, economy and politics, closing with the Sinai campaign.
Wirgin, Wolf,
Mandel, Siegfried.
The history
coins and symbols in
ancient Israel. New York, Exposition, 1958. 264 p.
Yadin, Yigael.
The message of the scrolls. New York, Simon and Schuster,
1957. 192 p.
The story of the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls and the progress
made in the evaluation and publication of the texts by one who was
associated with their discovery and acquisition for the State of Israel.
Yearbook of the Central Conference of American Rabbis: vol. 66. Edited
by Sidney L. Regner. New York, 1957. 332 p.
The proceedings of the 1956 annual convention of the Conference
including reports and addresses.
YIVO annual of Jewish social studies: vol. 11, 1957. Edited by Koppel S.
Pinson. New York, YIVO Institute for Jewish Social Research, 1957. 302 p.