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i ct ion
Alexander, Sidney.
Michelangelo, the Florentine: a novel. New York,
Random, 1957. 464 p.
The early years of Michelangelo against the background of the life,
politics and religious history of renaissance Rome and Florence. The
plight of the persecuted Jews is dramatically presented through the
characters of his friend, Andrea del Medigo, son of a Jewish doctor and
Andrea’s friend, Tsiporah, daughter of a Jewish refugee family from
the Spanish inquisition.
Ariss, Jean.
The quick years. New York, Harper, 1958. 338 p.
Story of a happy and long marriage between a non-observant Jewish
farmer, Joseph Baer, in the Napa Valley of California and his Calvinist
wife. Because of the children and grandchildren’s urge “to belong” he
comes back to Judaism. Narrated by his granddaughter, Sharon.
Bankowsky, Richard.
The glass rose. New York, Random, 1958. 308
Stanislaw Machek, Polish immigrant, on a night of drunken violence
ravishes his youngest daughter, Stella, in sight of his wife. This drives
Stella to New York where she meets a rich, Jewish manufacturer, Harry
Greenglass, who by his understanding changes her life.
M. The levelling wind. New York, Pantheon, 1958. 286
Turbulent novel about the tensions along Israel’s borders and the
effect upon the emotional lives of the people. Here several Israeli army
officers fall in love with their colonel’s wife, a woman incapable of love.
Bradford, Ina.
Queen of barefoot. Philadelphia, Dorrance, 1958. 282 p.
Sally Cole elopes with Sam Kramer and goes off with him to Barefoot
Bottoms in backwoods Illinois. The difficulties start when she learns Sam
wants her to give up her religion, a thing she cannot do.
Brinig, Myron.
The looking glass heart. New York, Sagamore, 1958. 344 מ .
Story of Sally Greenshields, an inordinately self-centered, unscrupulous
woman who alienates herself completely from mature love and responsi-
Brodkey, Harold.
First love and other sorrows. New York, Dial, 1958. 223
Some tender and witty pieces, most of them in the form of autobio-
graphical narrative.
Buber, Martin.
For the sake of heaven. New York, Meridian Books; Phila-
delphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1958. 316 p.
A paper-back reprint.
Carnegie, Sacha.
The devil and the deep. New York, Appleton-Century-
Crofts, 1958. 300 p.
A Polish refugee, Adam, brings tragedy and love into Ilona Rohonczy’s
life in Hungary during World War II. Although she had refused to
become involved in the war, Ilona finds herself helping Adam and other
Jews hide from the Germans.
Cost, March.
I, Rachel. New
Vanguard, 1957. 477
A biographical novel of one of the greatest French actresses, Rachel,
nee, Elisa Felix. Child of a Jewish peddler she held the position as the
first lady of the French theatre for 20 years.
Denzer, Peter
W. The last hero. New York, Holt, 1957. 319 p.
Louis Adar’s rebellion against his gentile mother who is a puritanical
midwesterner and his Jewish father who is a doctor.
Fast, Howard.
Moses, prince of Egypt. New York, Crown, 1958. 303 p.
Historical novel of the little known early years of Moses. Though
doubly royal son of Ramses and his sister, Enekhas-Amon the young
prince turns his back on the might of Egypt and becomes one with
the slave people of Levi.
Feuchtwanger, Lion.
Jephta and his daughter. New York, Putnam, 1958.
255 p.
A retelling of the Biblical story of Jephta who sacrificed his beloved
daughter to prove himself to God. An interesting account of Hebrew
life in eastern Palestine.