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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
provides a very useful reference volume as a wel-
come addition to the home and library.
Happily, the 1957 Jewish book harvest is bounteous, and the
Jewish juvenile has attained greater heights.
Abramson, Lillian
S., and
Leiderman, Lillian.
Jeremy’s and Judy’s book of
blessings. Pictures by Doris Stolberg. New York, Behrman, 1957.
A book of the Play-and-Learn Library for the very young. Colorful,
attractive and inexpensive, (ages 4-8)
Alexander, Lloyd.
Border Hawk: August Bondi. Illus. by Bernard Krigstein.
(Covenant book)
. New York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy; Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1958. 182 p.
A fictional treatment of a Viennese immigrant who came to America
in 1848. Imbued with the principles of freedom for all men, he fought
in the Civil War. He later settled in Salina, Kansas, where he became a
respected civic leader, (ages 12-15)
Alofsin, Dorothy.
The stream of Jewish life. Revised by Amram Whiteman.
New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1957. 289 p.
A posthumous, up-to-date revision of a 1943 book dealing with Amer-
can Jewish institutions and organizations, (ages 14-16)
Ben-Asher, Noami,
Leaf, Hayim,
eds. The Junior Jewish encyclopedia.
New York, Shengold, 1957. 350 p.
A one-volume reference book which meets a great need, and will prove
a welcome addition for home and library. Covers all phases of Jewish
life, from the ancient times to the present. Profusely illustrated, (ages
12 and up)
Bregoff, Jacqueline.
Holiday time. New York, Bookman Associates, 1958.
A series of pamphlets on the Jewish holy days and festivals.
Burstein, Abraham.
Adventure on Manhattan Island. New York, Jonathan
David, 1957. 128 p.
The story of Hillel, the first Jewish boy in America, and his encounter
with Peter Stuyvesant and the Indians, (ages 9-12)
Cedarbaum, David
and Braverman, Libbie
Teach me to pray: book
Chicago, Board of Jewish Education,
1957. 200
A text and work book for the teaching of prayers.
Conovitz, Michael.
Dorothy and David explore Jewish life. New York,
Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1957. 112 p.
A revised edition of a 1938 volume, (ages 9-12)
Cook, Ray
M. Sing for fun: book two. New York, Union of American
Hebrew Congregations, 1957. 63 p.
A collection of original songs for the upper grades of the Jewish
religious schools, (ages 10-14)
Eyre, Katherine
W. Children of light. Illus.
Artur Marokvia. Phila-
dephia, Lippincott, 1957. 128 p.
A story based on the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls near the Wadi
Qumran. Abdulla is a twelve-year-old Arab boy, poor and alone, who
finds happiness in the adventure, (ages 9-12)
Freehof, Lillian
S. The right way: ethics for youth. Illus. by George
Meyerriecks. New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1957.
233 p.
The author is an accomplished story teller who has here presented the
very difficult topic of ethics for the young, (ages 10-14)