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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
has continued its policy of advocating a Popular Jewish Library.
Its second series has commenced with the publication of a
History of Anglo-Jewry
by I. Finestein. The World Jewish Con-
gress also issued this year the first number of its new periodical,
Wor ld Jewry,
which it hopes to publish monthly in the future.
Although not many English language publications emanate
from the British Commonwealth, an interesting experiment to
stimulate interest in the Jewish book has been started in South
Africa. There the
South African Jewish Times
has founded a
Book of the Month Club, enabling subscribers to acquire Jewish
books of a high standard at reduced prices.
The present compilation contains Anglo-Jewish reference and
non-reference works covering the entire range of Jewish knowl-
edge, both ancient and modern. Many volumes, published both
in England and the United States, have been omitted from this
bibliography to avoid duplication within the
Jewish Book Annual
and they are included only in the other listings. We believe this
compilation evidences another year of English-speaking Jewry’s
literary creativity and sustained interest in both its historic cul-
ture and heritage and its attempts to grapple with the problems
of our own day through the medium of the pen.
A bse , D a n n i e .
Tenants of the house: poems 1951-1956. London, Hutchinson,
1957. 79 p.
. Israe l: som e a sp e c ts o f th e n ew S ta te : v o l . 2 .
L o n d o n , A n g lo -Isra e l A sso c ia t ion , 1957. 34 p .
A series of five articles, originally lectures, designed to explain Israel
to British readers, and dealing with the religious attitude towards Israel,
modern politics and scholarship, the Suez crisis, etc.
A r e n d t , H a n n a h .
Rahel Varnhagen: the life of a Jewess. Translated from
the German by Richard and Clara Winston. London, published for the
Leo Baeck Institute of Jews from Germany by the East and West
Library, 1958. 240 p.
The story of a Jewish woman who established a salon in Berlin which
became a meeting place for figures in political and intellectual life. The
book highlights the problem of early Jewish assimilation into German
culture and serves as a social history.
A sch , S h o l em .
From many countries: the collected short stories. London,
Macdonald, 1958. 376 p.
Translations of Yiddish short stories selected by the author shortly
before his death.
A sh k e n a z i ,
T. The Bedouins; manners and customs. Jerusalem, Rubin Mass,
A u e r b a c h , S ie g f r ie d
M. The Auerbach family; the descendants of Abraham
Auerbach. London, Perry Press Productions, 1957. 171 p.
A genealogical record of the descendants of the compiler’s great-
grandfather, Abraham Auerbach (1763-1845), with an introduction by
the compiler.
A v id o r , M o sh e .
Education in Israel. Jerusalem, Youth and Hechalutz Depart-
ment of the Zionist Organisation, 1957. 176 p.
This work, by the director-general of the Israel Ministry of Education,
outlines the educational system of present day Israel, and discusses its
future problems and aspirations.
B a r o n ,
B a r o n S t i r l i n g H e n r y N a h u m ] .
Baron. London, Muller,
1957. 220 p.
The autobiography of a distinguished Jewish society photographer.