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e h m a n n
— J
ew i sh
i n
ngl i sh
,B eg in , M e n a c h em [W o l f o v i t c h ] .
White nights: the story of a prisoner in
Russia. Translated from the Hebrew by Katie Kaplan. London, Mac-
donald, 1957. 240 p.
The story of a Zionist who suffered as a political prisoner in Russia
under Stalin, and in the Lubianka fortress prison.
B e n e s c h , O t t o .
Rembrandt. London, Zwemmer (Skira Art Books), 1957.
156 p.
A volume illustrated with 60 color plates.
-------. The drawings of Rembrandt: first complete edition in six volumes.
London, Phaidon Press, 1957. 349 p., 471 p., resp.
Volumes 5 and 6 of this edition cover the period 1650-1669.
D a v id .
International law or anarchy in the Middle East; state-
ment of policy by the Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, in
the Knesset, January 23, 1957. Jerusalem, Ministry for Foreign Affairs,
Information Division, 1957. 14 p.
B e n tw i c h , M a r g e r y .
Lilian Ruth Friedlander: a biography. London, Rout-
ledge and Kegan Paul, 1957. 157 p.
The biography of the eldest daughter of Herbert Bentwich who spent
her married life in New York as the wife of a noted Jewish scholar and,
after his death by murder in the Ukraine in 1920, came to Zichron Yaakov
in 1922 with her six children, and died there in 1954.
B irn b aum , S o lo m o n A sh e r .
The Hebrew scripts: part 2, plates. London,
Palaeographia, 1954-1957.
Facsimiles of Hebrew and other Semitic inscriptions dated c. 975
B.C.E. to the twentieth century.
B l o o m f i e l d , L o u is
M. Egypt, Israel and the Gulf of Aqaba in international
law. Toronto, Carswell, 1957. 240 p.
B o l i t h o , [H e n r y ] H e c t o r .
The angry neighbours: a diary of Palestine and
Transjordan. London, Arthur Barker, 1957. 160 p.
Based on diaries kept by the author in Palestine and Transjordan in
1932 and 1933, and attempting to describe life there during those years.
B o w l e , J o h n .
Viscount Samuel: a biography. London, Victor Gollancz, 1957.
367 p.
Using Viscount Samuel’s personal documents and papers, the author
describes him as a politician, statesman, a founder of Israel, leader of
British Jewry, writer and broadcaster.
B rom b e rg e r , M e r r y
S e r g e .
Secrets of Suez. Translated from the French
by James Cameron and revised by the authors. London, Pan Books,
Sidgwick and Jackson, 1957. 192 p.
A work showing the Anglo-French-Israeli co-operation during the Suez
campaign of 1956.
B y f o r d - J o n e s , W i l f r e d .
Oil on troubled waters. London, Robert Hale, 1957.
255 p.
An evaluation of the Sinai crisis, its campaign and aftermath.
C ab r ie s , J e a n . Ja cob . T r a n s la t e d from th e F r en ch by G erard H o p k in s .
L o n d o n , C o l l in s ,
1957. 510
p .
A novel based on the story of Jacob and dealing mainly with the
period of his sojourn with his uncle Laban and his marriages.
C a rm e l , J o s ep h .
Journey to brethren in remote countries. Tel-Aviv, World
Jewish Congress, Israeli Executive, 1957. 142 p.
A survey of small Jewish communities in the Far East.
C o n n e l l , J o s ep h ,
J o h n H e n r y R o b e r t s o n )
. The most important
country: the true story of the Suez crisis and the events leading to it.
London, Cassell, 1957. 240 p.
Written by a Zionist and Conservative, this book attempts to tell the
true story of the Middle East.
D a v ie s , W i l l i a m D a v id .
Introduction to Pharisaism. Brecon, Memorial Col-
lege Old Students Association, 1957. 18 p.
(The W. M. Llewelyn Me-
morial Lectures 1954)
D om b ,
I. I. I. The transformation: the case of the Neturei Karta. London,
1958. 244 p.