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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
The views of the Neturei Karta on the problems of the past, the
structure of modern Jewry and the solution of Jewry’s problems in
the future.
D r a b k in -D a r in , H a y im .
Housing in Israel: economic and sociological aspects.
Tel-Aviv, Gadish Books, 1957. 256 p.
D r iv e r , G o d f r e y R o l l e s ,
ed. Aramaic documents of the 5th century BC.
Abridged and revised edition by G. R. Driver. Oxford, Clarendon Press,
1957. 106 p.
Previously published in 1954.
D u v e e n , J am e s H e n r y . T h e r ise o f th e H o u s e o f D u v e e n . L o n d o n , L o n gm a n ,
G reen ,
1957. 252
p .
The story of a Jewish family which made its name and fortune in
the antique business.
E l l i s o n , H e n r y L e o p o ld .
The Christian approach to the Jew. London,
Edinburgh House Press, 1958. 61 p.
(Christian Approach Series,
no. 2)
F i n e s t e in , I s r a e l .
A short history of Anglo-Jewry. London, published for
the World Jewish Congress by Lincolns-Prager Ltd., 1957. 192 p.
(Popular Jewish Library series)
A survey of a thousand years' history from the Middle Ages to the
present day.
F i shm an , A r y e i ,
ed. The religious kibbutz movement: the revival of the
Jewish religious community. Jerusalem, Religious Section of the Youth
and Hechalutz Department of the Zionist Organisation, 1957. 195 p.
The story of the revival of the Jewish religious community told by
33 writers, stressing particularly their heroism during the War of Libera-
tion and their daily concern to live in accordance with the Halacha.
F ro s sa rd , A nd r e . A
modern pilgrim in the Holy Land. Translated from the
French by Marjorie Williers. Illustrated by the author. London, Harvill
Press, 1957. 205 p.
F r y e , W i l l i a m
R. United Nations peace force. London, Stevens, 1957. 277 p.
An account of the force which was brought into being in November,
1956, in order to help solve the Sinai and Suez crisis, and its future
Fuk s , L a jb ,
ed. The oldest known literary documents of Yiddish literature
(c. 1382) . Leiden, E. J. Brill, 1957. 84 p., 172 p., resp.
Vol. I contains the introduction, text in fascimile and transcription,
while Vol. 2 contains the transliteration, a modern German version,
notes and a bibliography.
G a s t e r C e n t e n a r y P u b l i c a t i o n ,
ed. by Bruno Schindler. London, published
for the Royal Asiatic Society by P. Lund, Humphries and Co. Ltd., 1958.
40 p.
Consists of a memorial lecture and addresses delivered on the occasion
of the centenary of the birth of the late Haham, Dr. Gaster, with a
bibliography of his works.
G a s t e r , T h e o d o r H e r z l .
The Scriptures of the Dead Sea Sect in English
translation, with introduction and notes by
T . H .
Gaster. London,
Seeker and Warburg, 1957. 359 p.
An English translation of the sect’s non-Biblical literature, with an
appendix describing some of the most recent finds. Bibliographies, com-
ments, an analytical index of major topics and an index of Biblical
quotations are added.
G lu b b , J o h n B a g o t .
A soldier with the Arabs. London, Hodder and
Stoughton, 1957. 460 p.
The author “Glubb Pasha,” commander of Jordan's Arab Legion,
gives his version of the Arab-Israel war and compares the Arab and Israel
military powers and capabilities.
G o ld b e r g , P e r c y S e lv in .
The Manchester Congregation of British Jews
1857-1957. Manchester, Manchester Congregation of British Tews, IT9571
104 p.
The history of Manchester's Reform Congregation.