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e h m a n n
— J
ew i sh
ngl i sh
-------. Karaite liturgy and its relation to Synagogue worship. Manchester,
Manchester University Press, 1957. 134 p.
G r a v e s , R o b e r t ,
P o d r o , J o s h u a .
Jesus in Rome: a historical conjecture.
London, Cassell, 1957. 89 p.
Serves as an epilogue to the authors' previous work
The Nazarene
Gospel Restored
, and endeavors to prove that lesus was alive after
A.D. 30.
G r e a t B r i t a in .
Board of Trade.
Hints to business men visiting Israel.
London, Board of Trade, 1957. 24 p.
H a lp e r in , H a im .
Changing patterns in Israel’s agriculture. London, Rout-
ledge and Kegan Paul, 1957. 290 p.
A documented account of the social and economic aspects of Israel’s
agriculture, describing, in addition, Israel’s landscape, its physical aspects,
and the problems of future agricultural development.
H a lp e r n , J o s ep h , an d P e a r l , C ha im . J ew ish h is to r y p am p h le t s . L o n d o n ,
W o r ld J ew ish C ongress ,
A series of 32 pamphlets covering the complete history of the Jewish
people, designed for educational purposes.
H a rdm an , L e s l i e H e n r y .
The survivors: the story of the Belsen remnant.
Told by
L . H .
Hardman and written by Cecily Goodman. London,
Vallentine, Mitchell, 1958. 113 p.
Hardman, who entered Belsen two days after its liberation, recalls the
scenes he witnessed, and tells of the efforts made to bring new faith
and comfort to the survivors.
H a r r i s o n , R . K. A
history of Old Testament times. London, Marshall,
Morgan and Scott, 1957. 255 p.
A guide to the Old Testament, using both old material and the
results of modern research and discoveries.
H e b r ew U n iv e r s i t y ,
Jerusalem. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Jeru-
salem, 1957. 267 p.
A list of the governing bodies of the University, the administration,
faculties, libraries, staff, students, finances, scholarships, honors, etc.
A historical review is added, together with an outline of the future aims
of the University.
H i l l e l F o u n d a t io n ,
London. The story of the Hillel Foundation in Great
Britain. London, Hillel Foundation, 1957. 40 p.
H ir s c h , Sam son R a p h a e l .
The Pentateuch. Translated and explained by
Samson Raphael Hirsch. Rendered into English by Isaac Levy. Vol. 2•
Exodus. London, 1957. 721 p.
Vol. 3. Leviticus (in 2 parts). London, 1958. 841 p.
I r is h J ew i sh Y e a r B o o k
5718 (1957-1958),
ed . by Im m a n u e l Jakob o v its .
D u b l in , T h e C h ie f R a b b in a te ,
1957. 56
p .
The 7th issue of this serial includes, apart from communal informa-
tion, literary articles by the Chief Rabbi and B. Shillman.
I s r a e l G o v e r n m e n t Y e a r B o o k
5718 (1957). Israel, Government Printer,
1957. 473 p.
Information on home affairs, diplomatic affairs, Zionist activities,
religious affairs, legal and sport news, and reports on 17 Ministries, the
Armed Forces, new laws and a list of members of the Knesset. In addi-
tion there is an essay by D. Ben Gurion on “Israel and the Diaspora"
and a survey of the Government’s work in the past year.
I s r a e l I n d u s t r y and E x p o r t T r a d e . T e l -A v iv , Israe l P e r iod ic a ls ,
1957. 127 p.
Lists over 1,500 firms and 1,000 products of Israel.
I s r a e l N um i sm a t ic S o c i e t y .
Corpus nummorum Palaestinensium
I -II .
salem, Universitas and Schocken, 1956-1957. 191 p., 243 p., resp.
Vol. I deals with the coins of Aelia Capitolina, and Vol. 2 with the
coins of Caesarea Maritama.
I s r a e l Y e a r B o o k
1957 (5717-18). Tel-Aviv, in co-operation with the Eco-
nomic Department of the Jewish Agency, 1957.